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Contents 1.Introduction 2 2.Project Management Report 2 2.1Project in Controlled Environments 2 2.2PRINCE2 organisation structure 2 2.3Project Board 3 2.4Prince initiation document (1250 word) 4 2.5What is in the Project Initiation Documentation? 4 2.6Why the Project Initiation Documentation is used?…
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Project Management for Information Systems
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Download file to see previous pages This problem can be fixed through building several core load images which use a similar template for all computers in the environment. For instance, if this template uses windows 7, then it can support all other computers connected to this server. The language used may also be easy to support and the advantage of this is that licensing is easier to handle. For instance, Microsoft has this core image where one large license is used. Therefore, it is cheaper to buy an MSDN-package which is comprised of the core application. Each department should have its core application. 14 5.4Benefits of Cloud Computing(SAAS) 14 Selection of location 15 Locations can be selected freely and this helps to minimize overhead expenses. 15 Use of device 15 Cloud computing services can accessed from any devise such as computer or phone ( 15 6.Management Summary (250 word) 15 1. Introduction This report seeks to evaluate the processes involved in implementing a standard software development methodology in an engineering company in order to streamline its project management and software development so that they become standardised. This report is comprised of four parts which include the following: the first part outlines and evaluates how Prince2 project management methodology can be implemented in managing such a project that is related to software development methodology, the second part deals with estimated set up costs of the standardisation project. The third part outlines the benefits of adopting a standard software development methodology and it outlines the benefits of replacing a mix environment of PCs, operating systems and applications with a standard PC hardware build which incorporates the same operating system. The last part summarises the findings of the project which will be used as the basis for decision making. 2. Project Management Report This section describes PRINCE2 methodology in order to meet the requirements of the directors who have underscored to implement a standard project management methodology for the whole company. Basically, PRINCE2 methodology is meant to incorporate different types of projects and it is a widely used tool in project management (Cradle & Yeats, 2004). 2.1 Project in Controlled Environments According to Prince2 official website (2012), Prince2 is a process based method for effective project management in controlled environments and it is mainly recommended by the UK government in carrying out major projects. Basically, it outlines the internal processes of the organization and the tasks to meet each process are clearly defined. The project is divided into smaller components that are easy to manage and control. 2.2 PRINCE2 organisation structure In order to implement the standard software development methodology in this company, the following structure is advocated. 2.3 Project Board The project board is responsible for authorising the project as well as all other activities that should be executed. The board has the role of approving the budget as well as to ensure that quality is guaranteed in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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