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Change Management Action Plan for Superior Widget Corporation - Case Study Example

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The paper "Change Management Action Plan for Superior Widget Corporation" states that silently standing by and hoping for the best, wishing to escape unscathed will surely bring down days of reckoning upon us and very likely with lawsuits. SWC can take steps to avert this…
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Change Management Action Plan for Superior Widget Corporation
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Download file to see previous pages SWC (Superior Widget Corporation) recently underwent some internal reorganization. Customer service functions were spun out of Sales’ various responsibilities. The CEO formed a new Customer Service Department (CSD) by taking that function away from Sales. This key organizational change was implemented by edict. But, it was a de facto justifiable “intervention implementation” of Change Management to modify organization behavior. It was prompted by emerging anxiety about how Sales handled and processed customer feedback and concerns.

Sales lived in a potential and/or actual conflict-of-interest. On the one hand, Sales’ main concern is meeting aggressive sales goals. On the other hand, Sales can possibly fail to meet them by dwelling too much on customer advocacy. So, the CEO took Sales out of that crossfire by spinning off its customer service responsibilities into the new CSD. That step was proactively positive compared to blindly abiding by laissez-faire business-as-usual which looked as though it could possibly lead to collapses of customer confidence and SWC’s credibility with them.

Given these circumstances, SWC must map a course to ensure its future. There are three key action items to pursue follow-up smartly on the reorganization within SWC. These actions address and provide what should prove to be satisfactory resolutions to issues and concerns, questions and problems, and even complaints that are rippling throughout SWC. Besides settling these internal situations, SWC must maintain customer confidence and take proactive actions to increase it.

The first matter is making employees feel that SWC is their professional home. Management must quell fears and apprehensions. Due to the creation of the CSD as an independent business operation functioning outside of the Sales group, organization morale must be addressed. In the wake of the surprise CSD decision, personnel throughout the Salesforce wonders where they stand. What is their job security? Why was the movie made? Did they fail or were they failing to provide adequate customer service? Why have they “lost turf” and people? Will they “lose” more? And, why were they not consulted (for advice and consent) before customer service responsibilities were taken away from them? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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