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Recognized and Unrecognized Managerial Leadership - Report Example

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This paper "Recognized and Unrecognized Managerial Leadership" discusses the traditional role of managers that were confined to the well-defined parameters of the organization’s administration and management guidelines. Leadership refers to people who have the capacity to bring changes to other people…
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Recognized and Unrecognized Managerial Leadership
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Extract of sample "Recognized and Unrecognized Managerial Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages The changing roles of management in the current era of rapid globalization has been succinctly articulated in the two articles: ‘Recognized and unrecognized managerial leadership’ by S. Sjostrand and M. Tyrstrup; and ‘Why hard-nosed executives should care about management theory’ by Clayton M. Christensen and Michael E. Raynor.
 Leaders create visions and goals whereas the managers and administrators work towards achieving them.

Organizations are characterized by the unique culture that is inherent in the overall working of the organization. Discussion of leadership with reference to a large organization is as important as that of a small one for the simple reasons that the leaders within the organizations, not only provide intangible stability among the employees and facilitate integration with the system, but they have been known to promote the collective vision of the organization and provide the necessary impetus to the employees to strive towards it. In the increasingly changing environment of global competitiveness, managerial leadership has become imperative and therefore the authors have proposed a new management theory that promotes managerial leadership to facilitate the more accommodating approach to the changing dynamics of the organizational management.
Hitherto, managerial leadership or managers were solely responsible for achieving the targeted production and efficient administration through a well defined rational analysis, planning and decision making which distinctly lacked consideration and importance of human interaction in the organizational culture. Organizations’ culture is a complex process of evolution and adjustment of the employees within a system over a period of time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Recognized and Unrecognized Managerial Leadership Report.
(Recognized and Unrecognized Managerial Leadership Report)
Recognized and Unrecognized Managerial Leadership Report.
“Recognized and Unrecognized Managerial Leadership Report”.
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