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Examine and discuss the influence of individual resistance to change, potential sources of stress, and consequences in organizations. Recommend approaches to managing change and stress - Essay Example

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In the rapidly changing environment of globalization, change is essential for development. Understanding of the organization’s behavior has…
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Examine and discuss the influence of individual resistance to change, potential sources of stress, and consequences in organizations. Recommend approaches to managing change and stress
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"Examine and discuss the influence of individual resistance to change, potential sources of stress, and consequences in organizations. Recommend approaches to managing change and stress"

Download file to see previous pages But it is equally true that people tend to resist any kind of change within and outside their professional life for variety of reasons. Hence, organizations need to implement the changes in a manner that mitigates the resistance of the individuals and instills confidence in them.
In the book ‘Organization Behavior’ the authors Hitt et al, have cited four basic causes of resistance to change: lack of understanding; different assessment; self interest; and low tolerance (Hitt, A. Miller, C. Chet Miller and Colella, 2005). The first factor normally happens when the employees and staff are not clear about the changes that need to be made which creates fear of the unknown among the persons who need to adapt to the changes. The second factor is crucial because the management may resist to the change as a result of assessing the change in a differently perspective, mainly due to lack of communication on the part of management. This type of resistance develops when organization is in the process of adopting newer technology which creates self doubt of the new technology and at the same time they become unsure about their own ability to successfully adapt the changes in their work practice. Finally self interests and low tolerance for change is usually observed when people in the organization do not anticipate changes and therefore often undergo different modes of emotional resistance before accepting the changes.
These are major factors that create irrational fear, emotions like anger, frustration and reluctant acceptance that promotes non-congenial atmosphere for work. They fight against any change to defend their position and job in the organization, keeping their self interest in mind. A good leader ensures that all types of changes must be gradually introduced with full participation of the employees so that at each stage, they are able to understand the necessity and viability of the changes that must be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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