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Changing Complex Information Systems: Medical records at Anersley Hospital - Case Study Example

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The paper critically analyzes the case “Changing Complex Information Systems: Medical records at Anersley Hospital” by focusing on how the new initiatives introduced at the Medical Records Department did not produce the desired results and caused various problems. …
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Changing Complex Information Systems: Medical records at Anersley Hospital
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Extract of sample "Changing Complex Information Systems: Medical records at Anersley Hospital"

Download file to see previous pages The problems, which rose due to the inability of the administration to maintain or replicate the status quo, and also due to the staffs’ or workers’ indifferent attitude to the assimilation process.

In an organization, the decision-making process should be carried out perfectly for its survival and for further growth. The important cogs in the decision-making process will be the top-level management and the department heads or supervisors with some inputs from the basic level workers also. But, the actual decision will be or should be taken by the top management in coordination with the department heads. But, if the top management and the department head are not on the same wavelength, then the important decisions, taken by them hesitatingly, will not actualize into actions. Even, if they are actualized, it will not work properly as in the case of the complicated situation at the medical records department at Anersley hospital. Anerley hospital, a psychiatric and geriatric hospital is an old one with archaic architecture. The subject of this case study, the Medical Records Department Building of Anersleys’ also belongs to this category, and it's out of date nature forms the root cause of the complicated situation. That is, the top management’s decision to go for a new setup for keeping records, abandoning the old building did not have the full support of the department’s superior and workers, leading to a host of problems, with mistakes being committed on both sides. Even though exteriorly and infrastructure wise, the medical records department building called ‘Shack’ was on the downside, the functioning, camaraderie between the workers and internal step-up was up to the mark. “The hut was dilapidated on the outside, but inside it had been made cheerful”. Apart from the routine functions that a medical records department does like storing all the medical records, the records department at Anersley hospital also has to cater to the demands from National statistics of the central government, for specialized research, etc.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Changing Complex Information Systems: Medical records at Anersley Case Study - 5, n.d.)
Changing Complex Information Systems: Medical records at Anersley Case Study - 5.
(Changing Complex Information Systems: Medical Records at Anersley Case Study - 5)
Changing Complex Information Systems: Medical Records at Anersley Case Study - 5.
“Changing Complex Information Systems: Medical Records at Anersley Case Study - 5”.
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