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The aspect to focus on in unit 5 is identifying the issues resulting in the reduction in employee morale and the solutions to these problems. Identification and elimination of these problems from the organization will…
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Organizing a project deliverable
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Organizing a Project Deliverable al Affiliation Organizing a Project Deliverable Employee morale is a necessity for organizational success. The aspect to focus on in unit 5 is identifying the issues resulting in the reduction in employee morale and the solutions to these problems. Identification and elimination of these problems from the organization will maximize productivity through the increase in employee morale. Motivating employees is essential for the organization and this deliverable aims at focusing on the conduction of the research.
Employees will be the first-hand information for the research since they understand better the problems they face resulting to the lack of information. For my research, I will focus on questioning employees about their feeling in regards to the low productivity. I will seek to understand the reasons as to why the company productivity is faring poorly, based on their perspective. Research data collection will be through surveys, where we conceal employees identities will be concealed. These will include:
Face-to-face interviews
Computer assisted personal interviewing
Paper-pencil questionnaires
Web-based questionnaires
Analyzing the findings will be easier owing to the use of close-ended questions (Kerzner 2013). In the findings, employee ratings will appear to help communicate the extent of the problem from the employees’ viewpoint. The research will include the research findings fully, to come up with relevant solutions counteracting the issues at hand.
The organization of the research will entail an outline that incorporates parts such as the introduction, problem statement, methodology, findings, conclusion, solutions to the problems, and recommendations. The research deliverable will be complete with this outline and plan, maximizing the organization’s productivity through employee motivation once the stated issues undergo resolution.
Kerzner, H. R. (2013). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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