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Project Manager to develop a project plan for 4. A fund raising event in Singapore for a charity organization - Assignment Example

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This has led to many people coming together to form children’s homes for their transformation into useful members of the society. The idea has made many children to come to these canters; this has created a…
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Project Manager to develop a project plan for 4. A fund raising event in Singapore for a charity organization
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Extract of sample "Project Manager to develop a project plan for 4. A fund raising event in Singapore for a charity organization"

Download file to see previous pages The scope of this project is to raise funds to these charity organizations. So far we have raised a total of five hundred thousand US dollars ant the estimated cost of constructing the accommodation house is one million US dollar. The money comes from grants from the governments and organizations small business and individuals (Murthy & Mohle, 2001, pp. 123-189). Moreover, public members contributes funds via reaching out to the individual members of the public either through house to house visits; soliciting in streets; an appeal made through the telephone or the media such as the Internet and newspapers; appeal letters by post; or approaching potential donors with a formal proposal. Fundraising have organized within community places.
The technical requirements for this project includes expertise in building and construction , quantity surveyors, financial professional accountants who will give how these funds are going to be used. Fundraising will entail putting up a complete accommodation house with associated furniture, beddings but excluding provision of services by the mother organization. For fund-raising appeal to door-to-door assortment or lobbying within the public homes, and Street Gathering Permit ought to be attained from corresponding Police (Murthy & Mohle, 2001, pp. 123-189). A license is never required if it is a private collection that is confined to friends or relatives, appeals made through the telephone or the media such as the Internet and newspapers, appeal letters by post or approaching individual donors.
There exist particular permits an individual ought to apply for the pertinent organizations in case an individual is undertaking a fund collection event within the public premises. For any assembly comprising five individuals or more within any public premise to broadcast a basis and campaign, a manager require to apply for the permit from the Singapore ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Project Manager to Develop a Project Plan for 4. A Fund Raising Event Assignment.
“Project Manager to Develop a Project Plan for 4. A Fund Raising Event Assignment”, n.d.
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