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This report provides information that leadership is the process of influencing followers' efforts to achieve common goals by formulating a shared vision for the organization. There is a clear distinction between management and project management…
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Critically Evaluate Project Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The main difference between leadership and management is how they motivate people as managers motivate their subordinates through communicating while leaders persuade their followers to remain committed to the shared vision (Northouse 2010). The managers react to changes in the built environment while leaders create change. Accordingly, managers exercise their control and power while leaders develop power within their people (Alizor 2011). The managers will try to maintain status quo through organizing and directing project tasks while leaders set new directions and perspectives that challenge the existing status quo in housing projects (Lussier and Achua 2010).
Autocratic leadership style involves making decisions without consulting the subordinates and project managers often use this leadership style in emergency situations. Autocratic leadership may lead to team hostility and high dependence on the leader thus it is ineffective in the delegation of tasks (Burke and Barron 2014). Harrell (2008) outlines that the approach requires close supervision, but it is appropriate in making faster decisions. Transactional leadership style will involve the use of formal job descriptions, authority and formal job output expectations to implement a dwelling project. The approach to leadership leads to less job satisfaction. Laissez-faire leadership style is a hands-off approach to leadership whereby the leader provides the required resources and tools for the successful completion of the dwelling project (Lussier and Achua 2010). The subordinates are free to make their own decisions and it is effective when the subordinates are highly experienced and motivated. The approach is not ideal where the team members have not prior experience in executing successful dwelling projects. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critically Evaluate Project Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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