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Strategic Plan on How to Grow Porsche over the Next Three Years - Case Study Example

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This paper presents the strategic plan on how to grow Porsche over the next three years. The success of the strategic plan will be measured by using growth in market share as the key indicator for the continued success of the strategies of the company…
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Strategic Plan on How to Grow Porsche over the Next Three Years
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Extract of sample "Strategic Plan on How to Grow Porsche over the Next Three Years"

Download file to see previous pages Porsche is a company that has been offering two products in the market. The first product is tangible, in the form of manufactured automobiles, while the second product is an intangible one in the form of engineering services offered to the other automakers, through the Porsche Engineering Services (PES) (Henderson &Reavis, 2009). Under the tangible product category, Porsche has been offering several brands, starting with VW Type 60 released to the market in 1934, then followed by Porsche 356 series which was released in 1948, and then the Cayenne Porsche introduced into the market in 2003 and finally the Cayenne Panamera that was released to the market in 2005 (Leffingwell, 2011). On the other hand, the intangible product offered by Porsche comprised purely of trading its professional engineering services to different automakers, where Porsche’s team of 2300 engineers have been rotating their services between the different automakers, helping them to develop their automobile products at a fee (Diehlmann & Häcker, 2013).
Porsche is a company that applies the premium pricing strategy, whereby the company produces its products in low volume, manufactures them such that they are of the highest quality, and then sells them at a relatively higher price. Thus, Porsche sold its products at a price that ranged between $50,000 to more than $150,000, while maintaining its sales volume at an average of 100,000 units annually (Henderson& Reavis, 2009). This enabled Porsche to make a high-profit margin per unit of the car that the company sold compared to its competitors which sold its brands at relatively low prices. However, the price at which the company sold its intangible product in the form of the engineering services to the other automakers has not been disclosed under the company’s books of accounts, but the sale of the engineering services accounted for 60% of the revenues that Porsche earned annually (Joseph, 2013). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategic Plan on How to Grow Porsche over the Next Three Years Case Study.
“Strategic Plan on How to Grow Porsche over the Next Three Years Case Study”, n.d.
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