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Critical evaluation of development and role of Balanced Scorecard in production and service organizations - Essay Example

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According to Lawrence and Sharma (2002), Balance Scorecard (BSC) is a systematic approach of performance management that has been effectively approved by companies in different sectors to translate their strategic approach into a reality and gain sustainable competitive edge…
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Critical evaluation of development and role of Balanced Scorecard in production and service organizations
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Extract of sample "Critical evaluation of development and role of Balanced Scorecard in production and service organizations"

Download file to see previous pages The current essay sought to provide a brief overview of BSC and its responsibility to measure overall performance of the firms in production and service sector. In addition to that, it also provides a critical reflection about the various roles played by BSC in service and production sectors.
In today’s business environment, customer’s satisfaction has become one of the vital concerns for organizations and companies to improve product or service quality. Studies have noted that it is very problematic to measure performance of the service quality especially for the intangible goods. The accurate prediction of service quality is very complicated and there are numerous evidences that supports to that companies have failed to attempt the actual dimensional structure of service quality. Simons (2000) describes that, measuring and evaluating service quality generally uses a basic theory approach. He concluded that, it is very difficult to understand views of the different customers towards quality level of a particular product or service outcome. Thus, the mangers need to consider perception of the service process, service input and the overall supportive framework.
The acceptance of globalization in the international market place has brought significant changes in the production and service sector, in terms of the level of competition, cost structure, production environment that led to rapid development in the advancement of technology. Majority of the companies in the global market were compelled to adopt contemporary business management techniques to ensure long-term business survival and to maintain competitive advantage (Kaynak, 2003). Performance management has evolved to be considered as an integral part of management accounting system. In this context, a large number of performance measures have been reported by the financial institutions to pursue cost of the organization’s long-term objectives. However, most of them have failed to provide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Evaluation of Development and Role of Balanced Scorecard in Essay.
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Balanced Scorecard the capital, particularly depending on how the stakeholders are involved in the process as well as the manner in which the intervention involves the non-managerial staff. Service quality management applying the balanced scorecard: an exploratory study - Ratnasingam, 2009. This study looks at the functions of the balanced scorecard framework in web service quality. A balanced scorecard approach is designed for web service quality by pointing out critical success factors that constitute the goals of a business, targets, measures and programs. The study is done by...
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..., the organizations cultural environment, management and evaluation systems should be examined to ascertain if existing personnel/human resources processes will support or hinder diversity in the organization; Then, appropriate strategies can be designed to develop and manage diversity based on these findings’ A critical issue for the human resources perspective of Balanced Scorecard is the choice of the appropriate model of human resources management that will perform more effectively under the specific conditions. In this context, Kesler (1995, in Kesler, 1997, 26) has presented the "HR grid" which includes process...
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Balanced Scorecard, which supports the decision-making process, overall management of an organisation, and other critical operations within an organization. As noted above, the management of Dual-Tech Inc will need different critical information pertaining to the four components of the balanced scorecard in order to implement the balanced scorecard. In this regard, the management of Dual-Tech Inc will obtain these information from various information systems that are clustered under the executive support systems. The information systems that will be used to obtain information include management information systems, decision...
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..., shortens response time, manages on a longer-term perspective, reduces the number of times for new product launch, and emphasizes the value of teamwork. Likewise, there is also the acknowledged benefit of maximizing the potentials of organizational resources. The balanced scorecard concept and strategic performance measure is reported to be effectively implemented by initially establishing explicitly defined goals (quality, time, performance, service); as well as translating these goals into specifically designed measures or strategies of accomplishment. Finally, it was noted that the main responsibility and applicability of the balanced...
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