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A Critical Evaluation of Your Learning and Development Whilst on Work Placement - Assignment Example

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This model is intended to help me to use my work experience as a prospect for academic development.It will enable me to critically reflect upon and analyze my skills, learning styles, strengths and weakness, and plan how I can be able to expand them …
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A Critical Evaluation of Your Learning and Development Whilst on Work Placement
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Download file to see previous pages The main aim of the module is to enable learning from the entire work experience that includes a focus on knowledge from the workplace and generic skills. These comprise of: induction programs, understanding organizational structures, learning through induction, personal development and critical analysis (Peter, 2009). Much of my educational learning is about gaining of subject knowledge and development the critical and analytical skills related to my subject. This is a very important fact; however, what is also vital is that I can apply this academic knowledge and, more exclusively, the kinds of thinking skills I gained through education to a more practical context of work (Sammon, 2008). With ever changing knowledge, I also need to be very practical and adaptable so as to cope with these demands. Therefore, this module is generally aimed to help me: develop my personal and key skills, increase my employability skills, improve on my strengths and weakness, become a reflective practitioner, be able to utilize effectively transfer of skills, become an autonomous learner and finally to be able to learn by experience. MODULE STRUCTURE 1) Learning through self-awareness 1.1) knowing and understanding my learning style There are numerous means that a person can learn. The more can be able to understand our preferences to learn, including developing and practicing various ways of learning and hence the more we become effective learners in different contexts (Peter, 2009). According to Kolb (1984), as we grow up, we build up tendencies and preferences to learn new things in some specific way, without essentially noticing that it is so. My learning style is basically linked to Kolb’s four stages of learning as shown below: 1having a strong experience doing 4. Testing planning 3. Conceptulizing 2.reflection/ observation review To be a more effective learner I would wish to improve on these selected areas. 1.2 Personal and key skills Many generic skills are for effectiveness at work or daily lives, for instance problem solving, good communication, time management, setting goals. It is actually important to continue to develop your skills at greater levels and in new situations (Sammon, 2008). Personal and key skills self evaluation 1 2 3 4 justification Self management a. Time management b. Dealing with criticism c. Professional responsibility d. Meeting of the objectives, standards and priorities e. Clarification of personal values f. Employment potentials Problem solving a. Identification of the problem b. Critical thinking about the problem c. Conceptualization of the issues d. Identification of the options e. Identify possible solutions f. Implementation of the course of action g. Carry out the solution h. Evaluation and adaption of the solutions and outcomes Working with others a. Planning together b. Respecting the values and views of others c. Delegation, d. initiative, e. negotiation, f. lead Communication a. visual/oral competency b. effective listening c. verbal communication Handling of data a. use of media and appropriate technology with IT b. handling of large amount of data c. translation of data into words d. evaluation and adoption of strategies for handling data and information e. use of sources of information KEY: 1) started but needs more practice 2) able to do if there is some assistance 3) proficient without assistance 4) proficient and able to help others 1.3 strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis This entails an honest and critical reflection of my strengths, weaknesses and areas that I need to develop. It also contains the opportunities that are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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