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Organisational Behaviour: Three Key OB Issues - Assignment Example

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The paper “Organisational Behaviour: Three Key OB Issues” seeks to evaluate organizational behavior, which has become an important area of human resource management for all public and private organizations. It is an integral part of organizational culture…
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Organisational Behaviour: Three Key OB Issues
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Extract of sample "Organisational Behaviour: Three Key OB Issues"

Download file to see previous pages Lack of managerial control is a key OB issue related to the case. It can be observed that Anne Parker, the senior branch assistant, fails to control the junior employee Ronny Tristan. The newly joined Ronny Tristan is not taking his immediate boss seriously. That means Anne fails to apply authority properly. A number of times Anne has complained about Tristan to the top level management. It reinforces the fact that lack of managerial control is evident from the side of Anne Parker. The behavior of Ronny Tristan is not only pinching Anne but also causing problems for the official environment. Unfortunately, the lack of managerial control has created deadlock for the situation. Sometimes Anne is getting harsh with Ronny and sometimes behaving in a soft way. This kind of inconsistency is creating less managerial control.
Lack of accountability from the side of Ronny Tristan is also an important issue in this case. One thing is clear that Ronny Tristan is not giving his hundred percent in his works. His focuses are not at all there. He is taking his bosses pretty lightly. In spite of the number of warnings or whistleblowing form Anne, Ronny is not taking them seriously. It means there is a significant problem regarding the accountability of Ronny. Day by day scale of business operations is gaining momentums. It requires significant accountability from all the levels of the organization. But that amount of accountability is missing from the side of Ronny. He is not at all cooperating with other staffs and his boss. His attitudes toward stipulated works are not proper.
In this case team problem is highly evident. The team environment is an integral part of organizational behavior. In this case, that team environment specifically between Anne and Ronny is missing. There is clear cut evidence of disconnection between these two persons.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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