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Critical Analysis of Source(s) and Research Log - Essay Example

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Critical Analysis of Source(s) and Research Log The Special issue Call for Papers: Corporate Social Responsibility and Human resource Management/Organisational Behavior in Personnel Psychology (2011, 64, 553-558) points out the fact that the study of corporate social responsibility and its significance in human resource management is still in the embryonic stage as there are many questions in this field that remain unexplored…
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Critical Analysis of Source(s) and Research Log
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Download file to see previous pages The first e-library used was and the second was In addition, relevant information was searched using the search engine At first, search was conducted using key words and phrases like ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and employees’, ‘Impact of CSR on workers’, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Productivity’, and so on. Later on, prepositions were avoided to make the search more accurate. When the term ‘corporate social responsibility’ was used for search in, the number of titles obtained was plenty but none of the first thirty peer reviewed scholarly articles directly addressed the issue how CSR influences employee perception of happiness and employee motivation. Even when the key phrase was changed to ‘corporate social responsibility motivation’ and ‘corporate social responsibility happiness’, no useful article about the impact of CSR on employees was found. Most of the articles were about the history of CSR, how to implement a good CSR, CSR and public image, and if CSR raises profitability in the long term. When the same phrases and words were used for search in, it provided a number of results ranging from links to various sites and organisations that provide information on corporate social responsibility. A useful link seemed the one to the International Journal of Business in Society and the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research published by Emerald. As the link was followed, I reached the Emerald published journals. There I got 14626 results when the search was conducted using ‘corporate social responsibility’ as the key term in International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research from volume 1 to volume 17 that consist of 176 issues as available in However, when the first thirty journals from the available results were analysed, it was found that just one among them addressed the issue directly. It was ‘Corporate social responsibility: organisational identification and motivation’ written by Michal Mozes, Zvi Josman, and Eyal Yaniv in the Social Responsibility Journal, Volume 7, Issue 2 of 2011. When ‘corporate social responsibility and employees commitment’ was used as key words for search in, a number of journal articles ranging from ‘Employee perceptions of corporate social responsibility’ by Sarah Stawiski, Jennifer J. Deal, and William Gentry of Center for Creative Leadership, issued in June 2010, ‘Corporate social responsibility: the key role of human resource management’ by Suparn Sharma, Joity Sharma and Arti Devi, published in the Business Intelligence Journal of January 2009, ‘Corporate social responsibility influence on employees’ by Jean Pascal Gond, Assaad El-Akremi, Jacques Igalens, and Valerie Swaen, and many more websites and magazines like Forbes ( ) that provide information about corporate social responsibility and employee happiness were located. However, as very few of them were articles published in journals, they lacked authority. One of the most useful articles identified in the search was ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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