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Managing Complex World - Essay Example

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When comparing the external factors of the Wesfarmers Australia along with other organisations, including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Swinburne University and Forestry Stewardship Certification, it becomes apparent that each organization has its own unique way of operating,…
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Managing Complex World
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Extract of sample "Managing Complex World"

Managing Complex World Comparing and Contrasting Individual Findings When comparing the external factors of the Wesfarmers Australia along with otherorganisations, including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Swinburne University and Forestry Stewardship Certification, it becomes apparent that each organization has its own unique way of operating, with the application of widely different sets of strategies. For instance, the analysis revealed that unlike other organisations, Wesfarmers Australia is highly emphasised towards the environmental aspects for its economic growth and prosperity. Additionally, the organization provides due significance to develop principles in abidance with the legal framework of Australia, where high attention is drained on the health, safety and welfare related aspects of the country (Kaufman, 2010). On the other hand, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has been operating its functions with high emphasis towards the opportunities and treats of the Australian banking sector and the expectations of the Australian consumers thereupon. During the analysis, it was also revealed that the organization provides utmost significance to the external environmental trends that affects its strategic policies in relation to the banking rules and regulations being enacted (Robbins & et. al., 2012). In other words, environment considerations delivered by CBA is observed as much lesser in comparison to Wesfarmers Australia, which can be further related to the diversified organizational goals and external market trends witnessed by the two organisations.
Similarly, when analyzing the environment of the Swinburne University, it was observed that the Swinburne University has been much emphasized towards its contribution to education system with the aim of ensuring economic stability of the country. Besides, Swinburne University has focused towards the education and employment associated prospects concentrated on its social classification (Swinburne, 2013). Simultaneously, Forestry Stewardship Certification (FSC) is an Australian forestry based organization, which has been recently highly emphasized towards taking actions against the abuses performed on animals in the Australian environment. It is in this context that during the environmental analysis, the organisation has concentrated on Australian Forestry Standard and the problems regarding the food supply of the animal, with due focus on the responsibilities of the Government in this context (Amis, 2013). While all these notions and strategic intents of the four companies may seem to be directed towards their corporate social responsibilities, an in-depth understanding to the same offers a considerably different understanding. Accordingly, the reasons for these organisations to perform and act differently are hidden in their set of diversified goals and different external environmental trends.
For instance, an in-depth analysis reveals that all these organisations have different set of aims and objectives. At the same time, these organisations are also operating their functions in different industries, which segregate their industry contexts and the external influences they need to face. Thus, Commonwealth Bank of Australia has highlighted the environmental factors, which is associated with banking industry as it corporate social responsibility, whereas for Forestry Stewardship Certification, environmental concerns are its integral part of strategic operations. Likewise, Swinburne University, Australia has highlighted the environmental facts, which is related with the economic conditions and educational sector development, in alignment with its strategic mission and vision. Again, Wesfarmers Australia has highlighted the environmental facts, which is directly related with the economic growth and prosperity, in abidance with the legal framework along with health and safety related issues, which can again be related to its mission, vision and goals. Thus, it can be concluded that organizational differences are the consequences of their different goals and objectives, as well as differing industrial contexts.
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Managing Complex World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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