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Provide an example of a complex administrative problem you identified, and your experience in developing, evaluating and implementing a solution. Describe your role, scope, audience and final outcome.
My first major project as an administrative assistant at the University…
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Download file to see previous pages In order to produce an accurate report within the assigned deadline, it became necessary for me to combine all of the sources of information and create one sole source for the student data, which would permit easy access of the data to the Director.
The final outcome: By developing a more organized system of data maintenance, it simplified the process of analyzing and summarizing information for the report, which in turn decreased the amount of time needed to compile and complete the report by the assigned submission deadline. The increased time also ensured the accuracy of the report.
At the University of Maryland in the Student Support Services office, I was the first point of contact for both students and parents interested in the Summer Transitional Program. This program is designed to assist first generation/low-income students in making the transition from high school to college through the completion of a six-week intensive academic course load. Students who were invited to apply to the program were those students who were denied fall admission by the university’s Undergraduate Admissions office. Following the release of the early decision letters by the admissions office, I immediately began fielding telephone calls and receiving visits by students, parents, teachers and high school counselors inquiring about the program application process, requirements, costs and other questions and concerns. I assisted these potential students by communicating the necessary information verbally on the telephone or in person, and/or in writing through the forms of a letter, or email.
At the University of Maryland, the spring semester is a very busy time for the Student Support Services office. In addition to assisting the current students in the program, the office is also in the midst of accepting applications and formulating the first-year student cohort for the upcoming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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KSAs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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