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Strategic Action Plan - Essay Example

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The site is a deserted industrial site used by two companies making up the interagency responsibilities and cooperation. More precisely, the site has become a major cause of water, air and soil pollution. There is…
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Strategic Action Plan
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Extract of sample "Strategic Action Plan"

Strategic action plan An Overview of Site Conditions The report highlights the strategic action plan for awaste site. The site is a deserted industrial site used by two companies making up the interagency responsibilities and cooperation. More precisely, the site has become a major cause of water, air and soil pollution. There is a stream popular for fishing that runs through the site. The condition is even worse because of the 100 drums left buried on the site. Most of these drums are rusting while some are depicting signs of cracking. A strong smell of pungent chemicals is evident from the air near the drums. The location of the site is approximately one mile from a residential area and a surface local water withdrawal point. Farmers get irrigation water downstream from the site. Even though the drums are not marked, there is a strong belief that wastes from the industrial activities conducted 60 years ago include chemicals like chromium waste, PCBs, Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and Acryl amide.
Overall Risk Assessment Of The Site
The risk assessment process entails the following four steps:
I. Hazard Identification
The first step entails the process of identifying the natural properties of the chemicals present in the waste site, which may cause negative health impacts when exposed to human beings and other living things (Lu, & Kacew, 2002). Water and soil analysis will be conducted to ascertain the natural properties of the four chemicals present in the site and their adverse effects following their exposure. The water will be drawn from the stream near the damp site while soil will be collected from the surrounding farms.
II. Vulnerability
This step involves assessment of the significant aspects on quantitative and qualitative reaction to the chemicals present in the waste site. The major aspects considered in the hazard characterization process entail action mechanism, difference in reaction by the species, level and route of exposure (Lu, & Kacew, 2002). This procedure evaluates the numerical link amid exposure to the chemicals and effects. The process entails assessment of the dose at which an injurious effect s from the toxicants takes place.
III. Threat
Exposure assessment considers the magnitude, frequency and duration of exposure to the chemicals for the entire populace, individuals or specific subgroups. In this step, a survey of the population leaving near the waste site will be conducted. Data collected via semi-structured questionnaires to ascertain evidence of illnesses, infertility, fetal birth abnormalities and death linked to the chemicals will help in ascertaining the risk of exposure (Acton, 2012). Determination of exposure will be conducted via computer models which, include questionnaires administered to persons who worked in the two companies and residents and environmental monitoring.
In this regard, the Environmental Protection Agency should implement plans to oversee and monitor prevention programs that aim at putting to remission the effects of the hazardous waste. The agency should visit the site and assess the condition of the site and its major risks to human and animal life. The EPA should plan for a cleanup of the abandoned site in order to protect life besides reducing adverse effects to the natural environment and human beings.
Helpful before incidents
More importantly, health surveillance by trained nurses and doctors should be conducted to handle the issue of public health. A response team to issues entailing the hazardous substances is crucial, as it will to ensure public health safety. Risk controls should be implemented and a health and safety plan of action must be executed to guarantee the developments required and should be prioritized with respect to the identified risks. The population surrounding the waste site should be enlightened about the hazardous substances. Health education programs should be adopted to keep residents informed of the health risks and the action needed to ensure their safety. The water from the streams as well as the soil should be treated to eliminate toxic substances.
The toxic substances such as chromium waste, PCBs, Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and Acrylamide have numerous adverse effects on the human population. Some of the adverse effects caused by these chemicals include health risk to human and animal lives ranging from lung cancer, respiratory problems, male fertility, liver and kidney damage, ulcers and even death of exposed animals and human beings. The increase in adverse effects posed by these elements arises from their usefulness in most of the industries. Further, the difficulty of determining the presence of these chemicals also increases the proportion of adverse effects on the human population.
Lu, F.K., & Kacew, S. (2002). Lus Basic Toxicology Fundamentals, Target Organs, and Risk Assessment.New York: Taylor & Francis, 2002. Read More
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Strategic Action Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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