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Managing Across Organizational & Cultural Boundaries - Essay Example

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Any agreement of partnership between public and private entities must be aimed at achieving certain advantages, which would be…
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Managing Across Organizational & Cultural Boundaries
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Extract of sample "Managing Across Organizational & Cultural Boundaries"

Download file to see previous pages inancially starved due to the fact that they offer services to the general public at subsidized rates which at times will not be able to foot the maintenance cost of the facilities, thus they are forced to either request for grants or financial aid from government agencies to enable them rum their daily services undisturbed (Di Dimenico, 2011).
Thus, private entities will be invited to collaborate with the public health facilities to ensure there are sufficient funds for running the facilities and catering for all the inherent expenses to ensure continuity of service delivery. Most public health facilities will be prone to offering substandard health services as a result of poor management and also lack of funds to initiate efficiency in service delivery. Thus, public-private partnership will ensure a considerable improvement in efficiency at the facilities in terms of service provision and also better management. Finally, the basis of collaborative advantage is enhanced service quality to the clients. The experience that clients of the facility are going to enjoy after the collaboration will incredibly improve as increased staff expertise will be injected into the institution as well as better and advanced technology will be employed to give the clients a satisfying experience (Lane, 2009).
The main basis for public-private partnership and collaboration can be mainly categorized into three as explained below. Contracting out is the first category under the public private partnership. Contracting comes in a number of ways including; service, management, construction, maintenance, and equipment contracts. The main idea behind contracting out is outsourcing public functions to the private sector to enhance quality and service delivery thus leveraging a comparative advantage from the private sector (Di Dimenico., 2011). The private sector is all time believed to be a better performer in both management and service delivery as opposed to the public where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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