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How HR managers should best staff their new subsidiary - Essay Example

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One of the primary concerns that is faced by a firm interested in international expansion has to do with the issue of where it will draw its human resources from. Naturally, there is a desire to interject subject matter experts into a given region as a means of ensuring that…
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How HR managers should best staff their new subsidiary
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Download file to see previous pages x-patriots is oftentimes seen in a negative light by the host nation; either through the understanding that their own human resources are too expensive or otherwise not suited to the task at hand. Another potentially negative drawback from utilizing ex-patriots as a means of fulfilling certain needs and expanding a given business within certain geographical region has to do with the danger that these ex-patriots might not fully recognize all of the cultural nuances that are part and parcel of the way in which business is conducted within such a locale. The inherent harm that is affected within such a situation is that expatriates might be totally and completely clueless with respect to the cultural norms that underscore effective business negotiation and development within a given international space. As can be seen from the information thus far discussed, it is of inherent importance that a firm seeking to expand within an international market space should carefully consider the issue of human resource allocations and whether or not they will be brought in from the external environment or they will be leveraged from the internal environment.
The case in question illustrates a situation faced by Las Vegas Sands Corp-one of the largest gambling companies in the entire world. As such, the firm is seeking an international expansion within Japan; in anticipation for the expected legalization of gambling in 2015. As no other entrants into this market currently exists, the firm hopes to effect a dominating position as the first to effectively establish a base of operations and market presence within the nation of Japan. However, before this can be affected, the firm faces a fundamental issue with respect to where it will draw its human resources from. Three choices are essentially represented; two of which involve leveraging ex-patriots from either the Las Vegas corporate office or employees at the Macau branch of the firm. The third choice is that the employees for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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