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HRM- Report - As HR Manager at Kenworth Hotels - Essay Example

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On (put a date of your choice), the CEO of Kenworth Hotel Michael Kenworth and the three members of board of directors requested me the Human Resource Manager of the company to prepare a report to govern expansion program of the company into the international markets and…
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HRM- Report - As HR Manager at Kenworth Hotels
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Download file to see previous pages The increase in expansion of businesses into multinational companies has led to great competition that has necessitated rise in demand for high tech and competitive managers. To become an effective manager, an individual needs to have broad knowledge about international affairs and different global cultures especially of the target market. This report is going to provide guidance on the appropriate selection process, training, remuneration, reward and promotion of manager to work for Kenworth Hotels in Spain. In so doing, the report will guide the audience into understanding various concepts of international labours, ethical practices; integration of businesses into international status. In the process, the report will highlight challenges and solutions for international companies. The report will also inform the executive of Kenworth Hotels about issues to give significant focus and concentration to ensure success of the intended foreign investment.
However good, globalization came and has grown in magnitude and scope with particular problems and challenges that requires fixing or addressing for companies or businesses intending to expand internationally to achieve success. Some issues related to globalization tend to be serious to overwhelm the abilities of managers and individual companies to exercise control and regulation (Dewhirst 2012). The most common issues related to globalization or internationalization of companies include cultural incompatibilities, price wars, compliance to rules and regulations governing businesses operations and transfer of knowledge among others.
To survive and emerge successful in the process of globalization, businesses need to identify and understand the challenges related to internationalization. International companies need to comply with the labour laws set and established by the governments of the parent and host countries. Usually, international companies especially those involved with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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