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Reputation and talent - Essay Example

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In terms of profitability, Foxconn is the third largest company producing information technology products. The multinational Taiwanese company is a global leader in electronics contract manufacturing. The largest branch…
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Reputation and talent
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Extract of sample "Reputation and talent"

Lecturer Reputation and Talent Management at Foxconn Foxconn Technology Group deals with electronic contracts. In terms of profitability, Foxconn is the third largest company producing information technology products. The multinational Taiwanese company is a global leader in electronics contract manufacturing. The largest branch of the company is in China. Statistics illustrate that the company is the largest private employer in China; hence sound human resource management is important.
The company in recent years has experienced major challenges in workforce management. The media have illustrated cases on poor working environment like; unsafe and unhygienic work environment, long work hours and poor remuneration. The negative media coverage creates bad publicity and inadequate talent development. Reputation and talent management ensures solutions to these labor challenges. As a potential Human Resource manager for the company, I have developed strategies that ensure effective and efficient management of talent and reputation in the company. Implementation of the strategies will be discussed during the meeting with the CEO of Foxconn, Terry Guo.
Talent management is significant in ensuring superior results, through employing, advancing and retaining effective talent. Corporate reputation means the general estimation of the organization by stakeholders, according to previous performance. Many companies view their reputation as the most significant asset. Reputation is very significant for knowledge-based corporations, handling information technology products, like Foxconn. The paper analyzes the recommendations of improving talent and reputation of the company.
Superior talent management at Foxconn entails several issues. The staffs should understand the present and future strategic goals of the company. The understanding ensures proper realization of the goals. The company uses a highly effective recruitment and staff advancement processes. This ensures entry of competent individuals in the organization. Staff advancement opportunities include adequate promotion and training opportunities.
The factors driving talent management at Foxconn are also very important. Better talent ensures superior performance of the company; hence increase in customer base and profitability. Talent enhances value creation at Foxconn. Value creation ensures production of superior technology products that exceeds customer expectations. Talent management is appropriate for companies in the increasingly complex and changing global market environment. The staffs should be trained on market penetration strategies to ensure increased customer base.
The strategies of proper corporate reputation or image are illustrated through several ways. Good corporate image is shown when there is high customer preference. The customers show preference by purchasing and using the products of Foxconn, and ignoring products of competitors. The company charges premium for technological products that are in high demand; this illustrates value of the products hence good corporate image. The stakeholders of the company support the operations. To earn this support, the company must illustrate good corporate image. The shareholders of the company participate in making major company decisions like expansion project financing.
Talent management aims at ensuring competencies of staffs in the company. Competency is achieved through hiring qualified staff and engaging them in appropriate career advancement programs. Potential employees are attracted by favorable work environment. Companies have the ability of controlling the level of their reputation. This is ensured through adopting sound and ethical operation approaches, and communicating appropriately with the stakeholders. Improving health and safety at the workplace is a key ethical approach of talent management.
The top management must support protect reputation and image of the company; through sound proactive management. The proactive management is viewed as an ongoing process that effectively meets the needs of stakeholders; thereby improving productivity or performance. Read More
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(Reputation and Talent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Reputation and Talent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Reputation and Talent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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