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Genetic Modification of Human Beings is unaaceptable it strips the human race of individuality and human rights - Research Paper Example

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Janelle Perry Eng 112 Instructor: Robert Westbrook December 9, 2013 Genetic Modification Introduction Genetic engineering has been in existence for a period. This process is described as the field in which the characteristics of an organism are deliberately modified…
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Genetic Modification of Human Beings is unaaceptable it strips the human race of individuality and human rights
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"Genetic Modification of Human Beings is unaaceptable it strips the human race of individuality and human rights"

Download file to see previous pages This takes place through manipulation of DNA in different ways to adjust to the intended purpose. This has made it possible to put traits of almost any organism (Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy 1). Most of the organisms are produced in large quantities after the process of transformation and improvement is done. On the other hand, the process has made it possible to create foods, pesticides, cells, tissues, and organs (Uzogara 180). The technique has been used mainly to change or alter the plants and animals we use today as food. On the other hand, there has been advancement of genetic modification in humans. In human, it is usually done to change non-functional or malfunctioning genes (Isasi, Nguyen and Knoppers 2). Moreover, such genes are manipulated or supplemented with health genes. In human, two categories of genetic modification are involved. These categories include somatic and germline modification (Isasi et al. 2). In somatic gene therapy, a gene or a gene element is introduced into a tissue or organ in a human subject with the purpose of curing a disease (Isasi et al. 2). This process does not alter the genetic structure of future generations, as the altered genes do not exist in sexual eggs or sperms. On the other hand, there is germline gene therapy. This process involves the introduction of gene into germline cells (Isasi et al. 2). As a result, there is heritable changes and thus alters the resulting offspring (Gold and Carbone 1). For this reason, this technique has generated a serious debate due to its implementation in humans. Genetic Modification of Human Beings is unacceptable; it strips the human race of free choices, treats human as a commodity, loss of uniqueness and individuality, and leads to increased inequalities. Proofs Genetic modification leads to interference of freedom to make choices. This means that such person has no control making free choices in relation to the modified trait. This makes its inevitable for the person to avoid expressing such trait. The person who initiated the modification process controls the human future (Resnik and Vorhaus 5). For example, if the person is given the gene for specific skill such as football, he or she has no choice but to become a footballer. Moreover, the process limits the options of the person who is modified by limiting their scope of behaviors and life plans (Resnik and Vorhaus 5). This means that the life choices of such people are limited. For example, if there is a modification of a person height to increased height, such a person cannot become a jockey. Additionally, the person’s ability to make free choices is interfered with as the process increase parental expectations and demands (Resnik and Vorhaus 5). This means that their parents in a large percentage inherently limit their destiny. This is because such person life is artificially molded in the way that they could not have chosen (Seck 1). For example, a person with a gene for football talent will be under pressure from the parent to become a footballer. Secondly, genetic modification treats human as commodities. This is seen through children arising from the modification process. Such children are treated like products to be designed, perfected, manipulated, and controlled (Resnik and Vorhaus 8). This goes against the basic principle of having children as gifts. Therefore, the parents exercise control over their children to fulfill their own desires. The parent believes that this is possible through genetic control of their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Genetic Modification of Human Beings Is Unaaceptable It Strips the Research Paper)
Genetic Modification of Human Beings Is Unaaceptable It Strips the Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/english/1493334-genetic-modification-of-human-beings-is.
“Genetic Modification of Human Beings Is Unaaceptable It Strips the Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1493334-genetic-modification-of-human-beings-is.
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