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Genetic Modification of Human Beings: Is it acceptable - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Genetic Modification of Human Beings: Is it acceptable?" describes a technique of human genetic modification, its peculiarities, and arguments against HGM. The author demonstrates the social background, future aims, arguments in support HGM…
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Genetic Modification of Human Beings: Is it acceptable
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Extract of sample "Genetic Modification of Human Beings: Is it acceptable"

Download file to see previous pages This research, therefore, seeks to present a case against HGM that makes it unacceptable; nonetheless, it recognizes that HGM is a momentous step in science as it points towards a time when human beings begin to direct their own evolution.
Germline genetic modification is a scientific process that is conducted in the laboratories. Through this technique, scientists can manipulate cells. For instance, they can replace faulty genes using the “normal” copy in embryonic stem cells and then introduce them into an early embryo; consequently, these can give rise to genetically modified sperms or eggs. The next generation resulting from such modification will contain the “normal” copy of genes that were inserted in the initial manipulation. While this process has been successful in animals such as the mouse, it has not been largely applied in humans (Richter & Bacchetta 305-306).
In humans, the genetic modification process entails the introduction of a new genetic sequence into an individual’s germline cells that, with time are passed to the next generation. The process is quite significant in the sense that it could be applied in human stem cell research and human somatic gene therapy. In the latter case, the non-inheritable genetic changes are made to assist in the treatment of human disorders or diseases. Different studies have shown that the HGM could be highly essential especially in doing away with genetic disease in a family. Disorders such as Cystic fibrosis, also called Huntington disorders could be eliminated by replacing the defective genes responsible for causing the condition with the normal copy of that gene (Wivel & Walters 537).
Various pertinent issues have been raised concerning HGM that portray the technique as risky, and most of the risks affect the resulting child. The extensive alteration of the stem cells, eggs, sperms or the embryos before their introduction into the uterus has been found to interfere with the normal growth and development of the fetus. For instance, in the event that a gene fails to function upon being inserted into the genome, the resulting child may have quite complex complications than it could have been if modification were not done. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Genetic Modification of Human Beings: Is it acceptable Research Paper, n.d.)
Genetic Modification of Human Beings: Is it acceptable Research Paper.
(Genetic Modification of Human Beings: Is It Acceptable Research Paper)
Genetic Modification of Human Beings: Is It Acceptable Research Paper.
“Genetic Modification of Human Beings: Is It Acceptable Research Paper”.
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