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Chief Security Officer - Essay Example

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From the paper "Chief Security Officer" it is clear that a CFO requires global experience for notable reasons. To begin with, such a position requires knowledge of the complex global chain. In this sense, a CFO should be aware of how trade in other countries affects trade in a particular country. …
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Chief Security Officer
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Extract of sample "Chief Security Officer"

A Chief Security Officer (CFO), in the contemporary organizational settings, is a holistic role. This is because the CFO ensures the security of both the physical and digital aspects of an organization (Fay, 2011). In the traditional organizational set-up, a CFO could be either an IT security officer or ahead of the physical security. Physical security pertains to the safety of facilities, assets, and employees. On the other hand, IT security concerns with protecting access to the digital assets of an organization. It is essential to highlight that such merging of security functions generates significant debates. A chief security officer should have vast expertise in areas beyond mere security thereby requiring global experience.
It is essential for a CFO to possess knowledge of how the internet can be integrated into the general security of the company. Besides, global experience is crucial for understanding the evolution of organizations. This is because structures of organizations are continually changing and this leads towards the shrinking and expansion of given departments. Furthermore, a CFO requires an adequate understanding of global politics and make out how much politics influence organizational security. Read More
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(Chief Security Officer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Chief Security Officer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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