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Security plan for Department of Homeland Security - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Physical security refers to the protection of assets from deliberate or accidental damage, vandalism, theft, catastrophe and other natural and man-made threats (Tipton and Krause, 2003.p. 152). Broadly speaking, the physical security is more related to controlling access to…
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Security plan for Department of Homeland Security
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Download file to see previous pages efined as assets and systems vital for the national economic security, security and national public health safety for the United States of America (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2014, p. 3).
The main aim is to provide and ensure the physical security for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In the physical security plan, the security objectives include only allowing authorized personnel inside the DHS building and further classification based on the type of critical infrastructure sub-departments within the DHS will also be required for any entry into the sub-departments.
A complete security department will be set up. In this security department, a comprehensive hierarchy of security officials will be determined and established as well in which each official will have its security role and job description. For example, security department head will lead the entire department and he/she will be responsible for providing physical security to the DHS. Subsequently, there will be a chain of command from the department head to the security personnel providing security services at the different entry checkouts of the DHS. In addition, a security monitoring and surveillance cell will also be established and whose responsibility will be to install, use security cameras for monitoring the activities inside and surrounding the DHS main office. Subsequently, chief physical security officer will be assigned to provide security services in which he/she will be required to monitor the subordinates and remain in active coordination with the field staff. In this regard, it is important to highlight that the field staff is one who has been assigned to provide security services at the main entry and exit points and they are required to report any security situation to their related supervisor. And the supervisor’s role includes supervising 8 field security staff and they are directly required to report to the supervisor.
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