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PROJECT MANAGEMENT Assignments - Essay Example

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The design capacity gives the maximum theoretical output of the hospital under ideal operational conditions, while the effective capacity gives the capacity which the hospital is able to achieve considering its prevailing operational constraints. In practice the effective…
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Extract of sample "PROJECT MANAGEMENT Assignments"

Download file to see previous pages Capacity refers to the number of units a facility is able to hold or to produce in a given span of time. Capacity available would refer to that which is at the disposal of the hospital and this is affected by among other factors: changes that are specific to the available capacity operations, the mix of different uses of the current available capacity and the speed and/or pace with which the workforce utilises this capacity. In measuring capacity, a unit standard of measure is often required, and in this case of St. Marks’s hospital beds resources are used.
Capacity management involves capacity planning and this squarely falls on the duty responsibilities of the strategic planners in the organization. Its major aim in most organisations is to try and match the level at which the operations are taking place to that of the demand. It is carried out bearing in mind the future growth and the expansion plans of the organizations and also to a greater extent the market trend, in this case of the hospital, the patients’ trend. Normally with a fluctuation in demand, capacity planning becomes a tedious and a very unpredictable exercise.
It is broadly concerned with the defining of both the short term and long term needs of an organization and finding means to satisfy them basing the decisions on the customer demands. This is done considering both the human and financial resources available to the organization. Usually, making capacity planning for the long term utilisation of resources is risky, uncertain and difficult in most organisations. This is mainly because a lot of changing parameters are to be considered for the planning process to have some accuracy. It involves major issues and those that would affect the organisation in a major way. Short term strategies on the other hand involving changes in a one year period are usually easier to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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