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Services marketing: physical evidence in hospitality industry - Essay Example

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Apart from the few years during the global economic recession, they have continued to gain widespread popularity in the world. The customers are many and varied just as the services offered by the holiday resorts and…
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Services marketing: physical evidence in hospitality industry
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Extract of sample "Services marketing: physical evidence in hospitality industry"

Download file to see previous pages Regardless of the marketing agenda of the spa or resort, both intend to make sure that they give the customer the transformative experience, an experience that will change them and that will last in his or her memory (Westen, 2014).
As wellness providers, the spa and or resort will have a fully qualified medical doctor in serving in house (Filep, 2013). The purpose as Wisnom (2011) says, is to serve the visitors with spa based health services which include diet, exercise, hydrotherapy and other spa services. The resorts and spas that market themselves as wellness spas have a challenge to make sure that the customer (who is also a patient) will get the best experience and that by the time they are out of the spa, they will experience better health and wellbeing not only immediately after leaving the establishment but even long after they leave the destination. According to Cohen (2008), most health and well being resorts and spas have repeat customers and are geared towards having repeat customers. In this regard, focusing on giving the customer the best experience is important because failing to do so will mean losing customers.
According to Reisinger (2013), transformative experience refers to the experience the customer gets from using a product or service from a firm and that changes them for good. While this may apply to almost any product of service and industry, it applies the most in tourism (Maxwell, 2009). Destination managers must be able to know that the experience they offer to their customers is well executed such that the experience the customer gets is unique and it changes them for good (Fullagar, 2012). This is not easy for health and wellbeing destination spas because of a number of reasons.
As Lyons (2008) says, most people who go to these spas are people having health issues and due to the fact that the spas promise that they can provide health and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Services Marketing: Physical Evidence in Hospitality Industry Essay.
“Services Marketing: Physical Evidence in Hospitality Industry Essay”, n.d.
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