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Getting Prepared to Build Your Brand and Make a Strong First Impression - Personal Statement Example

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Being a competitive business world, it is paramount for any individual who wishes to sell or market any product to people to develop qualities of a leading marketer. It is through experience that I have mastered the art of being responsible, devotion and attention to detail, and…
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Getting Prepared to Build Your Personal Brand and Make a Strong First Impression
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Extract of sample "Getting Prepared to Build Your Brand and Make a Strong First Impression"

Personal ment Being a competitive business world, it is paramount for any individual who wishes to sell or market any product to people to develop qualities of a leading marketer. It is through experience that I have mastered the art of being responsible, devotion and attention to detail, and also developed to a large extent, my interpersonal skills.
I am a responsible individual who believes in that dutifulness is a key trait that defines any successful employee or businessperson. At every level or department of a company there has to be responsible persons to ensure that the expected routine is followed. Being that I previously worked in a logistics firm the responsibility that I carried in my daily job was enormous. I had to maintain proper accounting records in terms of bookkeeping, accounts payables, accounts receivable and accurately making regular journal entries. The job also involved preparing invoices, attaching the correct PODs to the invoices and making database system entries all by myself. Previously before joining Y Logistics, I worked as a customer service attendant then got a promotion to a leadership role with more responsibility where I helped as a medical administrative assistant. Therefore, responsible workers and leaders help to steer any organization or company ahead in terms of success and reputation.
Attention to detail
I am detail-oriented, an aspect that is indispensable to all successful and aspiring persons in the business world. Detail-oriented persons view problems in a deep light which helps them understand not only the possible effects of the problem at hand, but also the causes. Perfection of details is a quality that is deeply ingrained in me and as such I make a perfect marketer. The experience at Y Logistics Incorporation has also helped me perfect my ingrained nature of being detail-oriented. I had to write very accurate details about every debtor and creditor of Y Logistics Incorporation. In a logistics organizations, simple mistakes can be viewed as accounting malpractices. Such details involve the amount to be received or paid out by the company therefore I always had to go through them at least twice after their initial recording to ensure accuracy. During my tenure as an employee of Y Logistics Incorporation I learnt to fully focus and devote both my time and heart to every single task I was assigned. My attention to detail has helped me perform audit trails that have not only helped my past employers, but helped improve my experience in the field. My devotion and attention to detail will be instrumental in the development of this company.
Interpersonal Skills
I have good communication and people skills. Every business organization or company selects employees with wonderful communication skills specifically to remain competitive in the market and remain profitable throughout. I understand that interacting with people without deriving a sense of oneness could get disastrous as it becomes difficult to manage them. During my tenure at Y Logistics, I worked with customers, fellow employees, and potential customers to try and get new contracts, solidify relationships and achieve mutually beneficial objectives. I managed to establish a long list of valuable potential customer contacts. A good number of the clients that the firm currently retains was reached through that contact list that I created. Therefore, it is due to my wonderful communication skills that Y Logistics has an established reliable clientele base. I believe that my quality of good communication skills will help me work efficiently with others towards the growth of this company.
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