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Dining and Wine: Barchetta Restaurant New York - Essay Example

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The writer of this paper says: I love eating well-prepared bluefish. Basing on the article The Promise of Smoother Waters by Peter Wells, I came up with a stand given the fact that his description of the Barchetta restaurant changed my attitude…
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Dining and Wine: Barchetta Restaurant New York
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Extract of sample "Dining and Wine: Barchetta Restaurant New York"

The reason for this is the Atlantic Ocean that lies right in front of my eyeshot. The food is subtle and splashed with sunflower oil, which gave it an awesome aroma and appearance. However, my desired bluefish was treated in the same way but the treatment went beyond limit. It was overdone and this to me gave me a very bad impression of the manner in which Barchetta restaurant prepares its bluefish leading to an awful meal. More so, Barchetta’s dining room is so incoherent. It lacks the intimacy of a night club like the Bistro La Promenade Riviera Sparkle and Bete. Instead, they are replaced by ideas that are jumbled up in a confused and old nautical flags. The environment around a hotel needs to be so conducive given the fact that this sort of confusion kills the level of appetite of the customers who are keen like I am.
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(Dining and Wine: Barchetta Restaurant New York Essay)
Dining and Wine: Barchetta Restaurant New York Essay.
“Dining and Wine: Barchetta Restaurant New York Essay”, n.d.
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