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Overview of Perry Street Restaurant Found in New York - Essay Example

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The paper "Overview of Perry Street Restaurant Found in New York" highlights that Perry Street is located in the Richard Meir Towers on 176 Perry Street New York.  It is a fairly new restaurant and was opened in 2005. Their URLs are and …
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Overview of Perry Street Restaurant Found in New York
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will give the restaurants URLs date and time of our reservation, people we will be dining with, our dining experience expectation and other pertinent information about Perry Street restaurants.
Going through different reviews, I could only find a few negatives and so many positives. Additionally, the restaurant was crowded even though their prices were a bit higher than expected. This is usually an indication of quality services and or good food. Most Jean Georges establishment has a reputation for quality service and good food. This made me feel that Perry Street would not disappoint. Also, the ambience and atmosphere at Perry Street were more than I expected; even though the restaurant was crowded, you could see that the place was neat and well arranged. This usually signals a good restaurant. The servers at the restaurant knew what was in their menu, they were not mealy doing recitals about the food they are serving. Also, the servers were formally dressed and clean, a clear indication that the restaurant cared about how its people looked like. These factors and others made me decide on Perry Street.
Perry Street is located in the Richard Meir Towers on 176 Perry Street New York. It is a fairly new restaurant and was opened in 2005. Their URLs are and The websites employ an easy to use, fun, clear and informative interface. Perry Street is a bit casual dining restaurant with a mix of fine dining. Its head chef is Jean Georges Vongerichten and the restaurant belongs to the Jean Georges establishments. Jean Georges establishments are three and four-star restaurants of savvy restaurateur and businessman Jean Georges Vongerichten. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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