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Effective team - Essay Example

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Team effectiveness is the ability of a team to accomplish or achieve its objectives and goals in the most effective and efficient manner in an organization setting or at any other personal level. You can know either if a team is operating effectively, if there is optimal…
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Effective team
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Extract of sample "Effective team"

Effective Teamwork Team effectiveness is the ability of a team to accomplish or achieve its objectives and goals in the most effective and efficient manner in an organization setting or at any other personal level. You can know either if a team is operating effectively, if there is optimal communication between the members of the team, implying that there are no personal differences between the team members or if there is noticeable progress in terms of achieving the common goals of the group/team. Some of the attributes of an effective team include; constant and optimal communication between members, the team has clear objectives and goals it wants to accomplish; there is positive and open criticism in the team and members feel free to air their concerns during team meetings. Other attributes include there is active participation of members, the team is self-conscious, and finally, the team moves forward when all members are satisfied about a given issue.
In effective teams have such attributes as minimal or no communication at all, serious personal differences between the team members, the team has no clear set objectives or goals it want to accomplish, negative criticism, which limits members’ participation, in active members during team meetings, etc. When new members join a team, it is imperative that formal introductions are made before the agenda of the meeting is discussed to enable the new members feel at easy and part of the team. When discussions break-down in a team, it is the duty of the team leader and members collectively to help iron out the differences without taking any sides. Therefore, team leaders and members have a responsibility of ensuring that there is good communication and trust between team members, and as leader, you are enthusiastic, fearless, and charismatic (Cranmer, 2011). However, as a leader you must ensure that demeaning behavior like laziness, complacency, power coalitions, and strong silos are not tolerated in the group if you want to build a strong and effective team.
Ultimately, I am a strong team builder, with charismatic attributes, good communication, and interpersonal skills. However, I must state that I like making fun and teasing others, missing some group meetings attributes, which have sometimes landed me in problems with my team members. Therefore, during my end of semester course project, I will ensure that I will maintain the highest discipline, be punctual in all my team meetings.
Work Cited
Cranmer, Teri, et al. "Effective collaborative working." Safeguarding Adults in Social Work (2011). Print. Read More
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