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Human resource department in most organizations is responsible for the recruitment selection and retaining of employees this responsibility is also bestowed on the relevant department that the vacancy exists (Bizmanualz 2008).
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Recruitment, Selection and Retention of Staff Procedures and Policies
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Download file to see previous pages The company has expanded its housing services all over the country therefore the company is considering to employ the best, qualified and experience country housing director who will oversee the company operation in all the established subsidiaries (Commonwealth Secretariat 2003). To have the process complete and successful appropriate recruitment and selection procedures has to be followed when carrying out this exercise. For a successful functioning of any company an effective recruitment, selection and retention of staff has to be established and all the policies and procedures underlying them followed to the latter. The effectiveness of this ensures that candidates with necessary expertise, skills and qualification are selected for a specified post in the company (Bizmanualz 2008).
Recruitment, selection procedures acts a guideline in finding the right person for the right job at the right time and ensuring that they are kept in the company as they are important resource for the company. The formulation and the design of the recruitment selection and retention process, its procedures and policies in the recruitment, selection and retention of staff and employees in Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership Company is based on accountability, clear and suitable policies, team work and shared responsibility and executed by professionals who have the capability to deliver. With the effective coordination and communication between the various departments and the human resource department with it innovations this process can be carried out successfully thus challenges related to poor recruitment and selection are alleviated (Taylor 2002). The selection, recruitment of the country housing direction is a challenge to this company as it expands and its services having high demand in Scotland. To ensure that a qualified candidate with relevant skills is selected for this demanding job the company has to come up with documentation on how the exercise has to be carried out. The human resource department in liaison with housing service department should execute the exercise using the guidelines provided by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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