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Self assessment - Research Paper Example

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Self assessment helps an individual in identifying positions and roles that best suit them and it even helps them in identifying the…
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Self assessment paper
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Extract of sample "Self assessment"

Download file to see previous pages Emotional intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to identify his/her emotions and their ability to control their emotions. It even refers to an individual’s ability to identify the emotional issues that are being experienced by others. Identification of others emotional issues can help an individual in solving their emotional issues in order to motivate them to focus on organizational aims and objectives. On the emotional intelligence test that was available online I scored 61 points and on the emotional intelligence test that was available in the text book I scored 80 points. The main difference between the online and text book test is that the text book test in much elaborate. Secondly there is even a difference in the way both the test is scored and responses are ranked. The issue with the online test was that it contains more than 100 questions which become quite boring and dull. This means that I have higher degree of emotional intelligence and have the ability to control my emotions. This means that as a manager I will be able to control my emotions in the workplace and I will even be able to motivate my employees by identifying their emotional issues and solving those issues (Whetten 63).
Locus of control refers to an individual’s perception of control he/she has over things that are happening in his/her life. On the test of locus of control I scored four which means that I have strong internal locus of control. Individuals who have strong internal locus of control tend to hold themselves responsible for all the events occurring in their life and in their environment (Whetten 79). They do not hold others responsible for any negative events and believe that all events are outcomes of their own behaviors. The findings of my locus of control are consistent with myself perception regarding my locus of control. Having high locus of control I will take full responsibility of all the negative outcomes as a manager and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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