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The paper outlines problems, that Erik Peterson was facing while working in Biometra. Case analysis dwells upon internal as well as external problems: equipment shortages, working with an inexperienced boss, unsupportive senior management, lack of procedures and policies etc…
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Erik Peterson integrative case analysis
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Download file to see previous pages This lead to conflicts especially because some team members did not like seeing others progress. A case in point was between Wescott and Burns. They always had issues within themselves since Wescott never appreciated Burns ideas and suggestions. Green did not see Peterson as capable of meeting the demands of the task, Cantor considered Peterson as misinformed. These two attitudes from Green and Carton made Peterson avoid interfering with their work on KOL though KOL meant a lot to his marketing mandate. Working with an inexperienced team Andrew lack of flexibility and resourcefulness was a major drawback for Peterson especially now that he needed an individual he could rely on in the operations docket. This made Peterson to be derailed in delivering Biometra device within the given timeline. Lack of procedures and policies There were no clear structures on salary increment and promotion in SciMat. Having been given a general management position without experience in management caused him resentment from his managers like Andrew and Miczek who had more experience than he did. Lack of policies and procedures on salary increment also lead to Miczeks and Wescott salary problems. This set Peterson at an uncomfortable situation as he tried to work on standardizing the salaries. External problems Operating problems The relationship between Biometra and key opinion leaders was dependent on potential early adopters. This was a high-risk that was later felt when management turnover created uneasiness among the targeted KOL who feared being associated with any potential issues that could ruin their reputation. The Vice president’s derailed operation was also a problem to Peterson since it risked him loosing the KOLs he...
The paper describes how effective has Peterson been in taking charge of the Hanover startup in terms of managing the new operation amd of providing leadership.
It also shows what actions should Peterson take to turn the situation around and prepare for his meeting with Chip Knight. Human resources management is mandated with the task of hiring, firing, promoting, and creating salary structures. However, in SciMat it seems like any manger can perform the four mentioned HR duties as they so wish. This was the main cause of salary and promotion issues that Peterson faced as a General Manger. There was no clear policy and procedure to be taken when promoting an employee and increasing an employee’s salary. The same cause lead to a people owning positions they did not have deserve in terms of their qualifications. This caused some subordinates to work under people who could not give them proper guidance on what was expected of them.
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