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What are the criteria Postgraduate students use to determine career choice - Dissertation Example

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The current research is aimed to assess the important factors which influence the postgraduate students in management to determine their career choices. The research was conducted among 40 management students who were selected in a random manner from the management course in X institute. …
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What are the criteria Postgraduate students use to determine career choice
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Extract of sample "What are the criteria Postgraduate students use to determine career choice"

Download file to see previous pages y 3.6 Ethical Considerations 3.7 Research Limitations Chapter 4: Findings and Analysis 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Relative Importance of Factors 4.3 Impact of Internal Factors on the External Factors 4.4 Impact of Internal Factors 4.4.1 Impact of Family Factors Parental Influence Parental Guidance 4.4.2 Impact of Socio-Cultural Factors Cultural Factors Social and Gender Sterotypes 4.4.3 Impact of Emotional Factors Impact of Anxiety Levels Impact of Life View Self Concept and Identity 4.4.4 Impact of Self-Efficacy 4.4.5 Impact of Personal Interest 4.4. 6 Impact of Personality Factors 4.5 Impact of External Factors 4.5.1 Impact of Image of the Institute 4.5.2 Impact of Marketing Activities 4.5.3 Impact of Resources and Facities of the Institute 4.5.4 Impact of Culture Impact of Policies and Procedures Impact of Classroom Teaching Methods 4.5.5 Impact of Placement and Campus Recruitment 4.5.6 Impact of Financial Support 4.5.7 Impact of Research Funding Available to the Institute 4.5.8 Impact of Location of the Institute Chapter 5: Conclusions 5.1 Summary of Research Findings 5.2 Limitations of Research Scope for Future Research List of Figures and Tables Figure 1: Parental Influence Figure 2: Impact of Parental Guidance Figure 3: Impact of Culture Figure 4: Impact of Socal and Gender Sterotypes Figure 5: Impact of Anxiety Levels Figure 6: Impact of Life View Figure 7: Awareness of Life’s Aims Figure 8: Ability to Gather the Information Figure 9: Ability to Analyse the Information Figure 10: Awareness of Interests and Aptitude Figure 11: Impact of Personality Factors Figure12: Impact of Image of Institute Figure 13: Impact of Marketing and Promotional Activities Figure 14: Impact of Resources and...
The current research is aimed to assess the important factors which influence the postgraduate students in management to determine their career choices. The research was conducted among 40 management students who were selected in a random manner from the management course in X institute. The research was conducted using quantitative survey questionnaire that was sent and collected using emails. It was found that Promotional Activities of the Institute, Image of the Institute, Placements and Alumni record of the institute and Resources and Facilities of the Institute comprised of the most important factors that were used by the students to assess their career choices. In addition, internal factors like parental influence, awareness of life aims and interests, parental guidance and culture were found to be importance influencers in the career decision-makig process. The research also found that factors like image of the institute is greately influenced by parental guidance, parental influence and culture, and importance of placement record as a criteria of career choice is highly correlated with both family and personal interest and self-identity factors. The research analyses the findings with the aim of filling the gaps in the available research and providing further inspiration for future research in the same area.Higher Educational Institutes (HEI) are facing an increased competition in terms of getting governmental or private funding for research and also suffer from a dwindling application numbers from students ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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