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Build team effectiveness - Research Paper Example

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Effectiveness of the team requires loyalty to one another and has a high degree of confidence and trusts one another. Every member has an opportunity to develop their…
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Build team effectiveness
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Extract of sample "Build team effectiveness"

Build Team Effectiveness Team effectiveness is the act of bringing people together to work effectively towards a common goal of the team. Effectiveness of the team requires loyalty to one another and has a high degree of confidence and trusts one another. Every member has an opportunity to develop their potentials and communicate fully and frankly. Group activities occur in a supportive atmosphere and group values and goals express relevant values and goals of members.
Effective teams usually have a clear unity of purpose and are self-conscious about its own operations. Another characteristic of effective team is that it has clear and demanding performance goals and the atmosphere tends to be informal, comfortable (DeRuvo 5-7). In effective teams, every individual carries his or her own weight and all decisions are democratically made. Generally, there is efficient use of ideas characterized with open communication.
Team effectiveness requires loyalty to the team and believing in every individual’s contribution. Every team member’s contribution should be respected by others and open communication should be enhanced among members (Folkman 1-3). Strong communication and collaboration as well as trust and commitment are regarded as the building block of successful teams.
However, ineffective teams are characterized with low unity of purpose and the group does not involve itself with discussions that maintain it. There are also low performance goals and the atmosphere tends to reflect indifference. Some group members do not carry their fare share and criticism is characterized with hostility. Ineffective teams also have dominant figure who seek to gain power and dominate the group and personal feelings are hidden.
Team leaders are supposed to be patient and pay attention to every member’s details. Team leaders are not supposed to take sides when it comes to problem solving issues especially when there conflict among members. Leaders should give a listening ear to every member and encourage pursuance of a common goal (Folkman 1-3). Every team member should learn to respect each other’s opinion and avoid creating unnecessary conflicts. Team members should further avoid unhealthy competition among themselves. Team members should embrace diversity of skill and personality and have a meaningful common purpose (Martini Web). Team members who have never worked in a team should further be free to share their ideas and increase their commitment towards the common goal of the team.
Goal setting and tend to inspire and motivate others at a high level of energy and enthusiasm. Another great behavior for effective team members are people who tend to drive for results and are skilful at getting people focused (DeRuvo 5-7). Being effective team member also requires an individual to have strategic perspective behavior and is able to collaborate with others (Martini Web). They also walk the talk and are trustworthy and tend to develop and support others. A good team member should be able to build relationship and encourage others.
However, some behaviors may not help in promoting effectiveness within the team. Such kinds of behaviors that can derail effectiveness in teamwork include pride and poor communication skills. Selfishness and inability of recognizing strengths of others may greatly work against team’s effectiveness. Dispirited behaviors that do not appreciate other’s strengths and skills and seeing oneself as better than others can greatly interfere with the effectiveness of the team. I will ensure that I encourage others and appreciate their skills and strengths.
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Build Team Effectiveness Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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