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Team Effectiveness - Essay Example

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Teamwork has become an integral part of the success of business organizations in the 21st century. The term teamwork can be defined as actions that occur when group members work together in ways that utilize their skills well to accomplish a purpose (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2003)…
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Team Effectiveness
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Extract of sample "Team Effectiveness"

Download file to see previous pages Companies that utilize teamwork have a greater chance of achieving work synergy. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the topic of team effectiveness and team performance. The video Bridge’s Story – A Teamwork Aniboom Animation tells the story of a rabbit that thought he could survive on his own without the help of the other animals in the forest (Hoang, 2011). Instead of applying teamwork this rabbit was a destructive force to the other members of his habitat. He played with the food of the ants, harassed the birds, and destroyed the bridge the turtle was building for the animals to cross. The rabbit found out when he was drowning in the river that he needed a helping hand. This rabbit realized by working as a team with the other animals he could accomplish more than he ever would as a loner. The second video, The Power of Teamwork, discusses the importance of teamwork by focusing on the work performed by the Blue Angels pilots (Beare, McMillan, 2013). Share values are the foundation of good teamwork. It is imperative for a team to align its mission, vision, and its actions. The team has to be the priority of all members who must sacrifice their self-interest in order to achieve team goals. The use of teamwork must be present at all times within an organization. A good effective leader is able to lead others by example. A good leader identifies each team member’s strength to take advantage of them and improve performance and productivity in the workplace. Trust is an important element of teamwork. Trust can be defined as the belief that someone is good, reliable, honest, and effective (Merriam-webster, 2013). Achieving peak performance should be the objective of all teams. Synergy occurs when common people align their objectives (Beare, et al., 2013). Good communication is also an important factor that leads to team success. Communication in the workplace is of utter importance towards achieving the goals of a company. Managers that want for employees to work together as a cohesive team unit must build a bond of trust with the workers by effectively communicating with them. Teamwork without communication does not work. To effectively guide the actions of a team its leader has to maintain the lines of communication open at all times. Improper communication within a team can cause the employees to feel tensions and anxiety (Gluck, 2013). There are different strategies that the person in charge of a team can use to improve communication. For instance programming weekly meetings between the team members to openly discuss any issues anyone is facing is a good way to foster communication. A second strategy that can be used to improve communication within a team is to implement a feedback system. A third way to improve communication in a team is by practicing active listening. Active listening skills can help a person improve their productivity, their ability to listen, persuade, and negotiate with others (Mindtools, 2013). There are common characteristics that effective teams share. Some of the characteristics of effective teams include common purpose and goals, interested in own processes, continually listen to each other, differences shared freely, identify and resolve conflicts, roles are balanced, trust, and commitment towards performance (Drexel, 2013). Effective teams must work together towards accomplishing common goals. A team member that is not focused on the goals of the team becomes a liability. Team members must ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Everybody had different ideas and we all wanted to get our point across. We could not even come to an agreement during this first meeting on the different topics each would be working on. An initiative of mine that was approved during this meeting was the creation of a schedule of meetings. We made a rule that if at least 3 members were available for the meeting it would be realized if 50% were absent the meeting would be canceled. I thought we did accomplish good brainstorming and we got to know each other. We deviated a bit from the business talk and learned about each other life’s. We got along pretty good on the personal level, but as the business unit, it seemed we were not clicking yet. There was no clear leader in the...
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Employee perception about these strategic competencies cannot be determined until they happen to question the very nature of transition from the environment a priori to the environment a posteriori. Such exigencies apart, these effective performance-based determinants have played a very pivotal role in the strategic competitive and operational environments. That’s why they are important.
Incentives given under this program include both monetary and non-monetary benefits. While monetary incentives have a good impact on related outcomes such as productivity and/or efficiency, interdepartmental coordination has not been so
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This type of environment is differentiated from the task environment which is the ‘closest environment of the organization and its particular elements have a direct influence on the organization; this environment is typically composed of factors such as consumers, competitors, suppliers, labor market, industry, and financial resources’ [1]
In order for the external environment to be located and evaluated, a large questionnaire survey in North Greek industries was carried out between January 2003 and June 2003; a sample of 600 Greek private organizations was used from the main Greek directory ICAP; The sample was obtained by employing the stratified methodology. The strata were "manufacturing", "trade" and "service...
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One of the most difficult prospects is identifying where your strengths lie and in which new role you would be good at. There are hundreds of skills that you developed over time, but it is even more challenging to combine which tasks you are good at and which ones you enjoy the most. The reconciliation of both will determine your strengths. I am trying to identify my weaknesses and strengths all the time in order to make the most of my career opportunities. Besides, I realize that it is easier to focus on and develop your strengths than trying to eliminate weaknesses. Every time I try to engage in a new activity, I am always naturally worried that I won't have the necessary skills for a new activity or responsibility.

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The first step namely the strategy formulation involves the development of the business mission, evaluation of the opportunities and threats faced by the business organization in the business, by using tools such as SWOT analysis, examining the s...
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Setting up successful teams is a prerogative of any organization and in the business world of present times; it is very much a need rather than a desire. The businesses have changed so as to create more room for teams than individual working ethos. This has given space to more facilitation within the working environments of teams since they bring combined efforts and usage of more brains than a singular person. The factors that stand important in the wake of successful teams include a commitment towards common goals and a simplistic and solitary objective which must be kept in mind at all times. These factors underline the basis of the teams performing a singular whole than disjointed units within the framework of the organization...
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An effective leader is the one who adapts to the changing scenarios in terms of the team he leads and also in terms of the circumstances that the team faces. Herscovitch and Meyer (2002) have confirmed that workplaces are faced with endless change (s), and Paton and McCalman, (2000) have further stated that effective management of that change is an important competency currently required by an organization

Advancement in technology, travel options, communications and liberalization of international business regulations has incorporated numerous possibilities of conditions with diverse natures within the work environment. This trend was found to increase in the early nineties. The transference of a command-driven economy...
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... with the customers making the company lose some customers due to inappropriate service delivery. Time management in relation to the culture of Tilbury Building Supplies Co Ltd is poor in respect to standards. The employees in the organization have no sense of urgency that results in massive losses of time and money to the company. Delays in procurement and lack of follow up by the responsible employees are one of the major indications of lack of appropriate time management policies in Tilbury Building Supplies Co Ltd. Nevertheless, despite the discord in the company in times of time management and motivation, the employees in the company have a sense of unity that makes it easy for them to work together as a team. However, for effective...
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