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Examining the Effectiveness of Self Directed Work Teams - Assignment Example

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The author examines the effectiveness of team working as well as the self-directed workgroups and concludes that the teamwork improves the efficiency of the output than that of the individual’s performance. As a team is a collection of experts the output obviously becomes efficient and precise. …
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Examining the Effectiveness of Self Directed Work Teams
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Extract of sample "Examining the Effectiveness of Self Directed Work Teams"

Download file to see previous pages In our day to day life, we undergo several tasks. We plan our task and try to implement it in an efficient manner. Thus we take several important decisions every day. But, what about our status while at our workplace? Do we have enough freedom to take our own decision there? Such questions have paved way for the development of “Self-directed work teams”. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we do in a team. Working in a team is basically built in with us. But still, there are certain important strategies which influence the rise or fall of a team. The team, by itself, is a powerful force. A team behaves in a peculiar manner which moves toward a specific goal. The performance output given by a team is always ahead of that given by an individual. Generally, a team comprises of many people focussing on a specified target. The individuals in a team will be having individual skills. Thus a team is a collection of strengths and a good range of abilities. Because of this reason, in a team, for every situation, there will be at least a person who can deal with it. Also in team flaws or pitfalls can easily be spotted and corrected. As there are many persons focussing on the same target they will be very cautious about every move and hence the mistake done by an individual will be easily found by another one. (Scholtes et al. 2003, 1) In an efficient team, the ultimate responsibility is rested on everyone’s shoulder. And the team is structured in such a way that whoever having strength in a specified area takes more responsibility in that area. One more interesting fact about a team is “Motivation”. A powerful motivating force is created amidst a good team. It never let its teammates go down. Also, it makes the team members feel proud to be a part of such a team. (West 2002, 9) Teams, also have another face for it. That is “Team conflict”. Conflicts are often mistaken within a team which is a bitter fact to be accepted. But conflicts too could turn desirable, provided the team members look into conflict as an outcome of indifference in their thoughts or views.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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