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The Importance of Managing Change in the Air Transport Industry - Essay Example

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The paper suggests the steps that should be taken by the company to ensure success in the dealing the change management. Change is an inherent aspect of the air transport industry as employees are forced to change their job roles and places of work regularly…
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The Importance of Managing Change in the Air Transport Industry
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Managing Change in the Air Transport Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The paper suggests the steps that should be taken by the company to ensure success. The first step involves the creation of the ‘big message’. This step is important for Su as it will help her understand what is in for her. This step will make out the main message the individuals are involved in the change need to hear. In this case, Su was the only individual that was affected by this change. This message contains the major reasons for the change that include cost reduction, increased demand for the work force in Edinburg as well as to facilitate her skills and experience. Additionally, it should state the benefits that the organization will get from this change. This message should be done in a concise and clear language and communicated through the appropriate channels. This means that there should be official communication of the message by the human resource management team. Su should demonstrate acceptance of the terms and conditions of the change by signing an official agreement statement. It is important to get the support of the management while making this decision and find individuals that are influential within the organization to support this move. It is important to acknowledge that this influence could either be positive or negative and it is imperative to align oneself with the parties that support the decision. At this stage, it is significant to communicate to Su on the benefits that linked with the change. This is the couple with the communication of the benefits that accrue to both entities. There are various examples that should be communicated to her at this stage. First, the individual benefits such as improved flexibility with regards to the job location as well as a more challenging work environment that results in career growth and development. The company benefits should be efficiently communicated to Su including increased benefits from her skills and expertise as well as the benefits associated with having a diverse workforce. It can be concluded that the ‘big message’ defines priorities and establishes the tone for the subsequent steps. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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