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Culture is a powerful component of an organization's success - Essay Example

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This paper will suggest organisational environment change for AAA Transportation based on Twelve Interventions for Operating Environment Change specified by Nadler and Nadler (1998). AAA Transportation moves cargo between various sea ports and dry ports and is currently looking…
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Culture is a powerful component of an organizations success
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Extract of sample "Culture is a powerful component of an organization's success"

Organisational Culture Change s), First M. Last, Omit s and Degrees] al Affiliation(s Introduction This paper will suggest organisational environment change for AAA Transportation based on Twelve Interventions for Operating Environment Change specified by Nadler and Nadler (1998). AAA Transportation moves cargo between various sea ports and dry ports and is currently looking to expand into the refrigerated cargo market.
Suggested Interventions
Firstly the management of AAA should define a collaborative culture that specifies the new behaviours, roles and responsibilities expected of employees to pursue the new operating environment. It would be best if employee participation is present for defining the new operating environment.
Following this, the management ought to survey the existing operating environment and compare it to the new desired operating environment. The results of such a survey should provide tangible areas for action that could be used to pursue change in the overall environmental operating environment.
The next agenda item would be to ensure that the relevant stakeholders are all on board. This is achievable through an analysis of the various stakeholders present in the organisational environment. Not all stakeholders may be significantly involves for each organisational business process. It has to be ensured that all stakeholders are totally engaged and committed to change with change resistance available only to a bare minimum level.
A change of behaviours in the organisation would only be possible if the senior management lead through example. The senior management would have to adopt the new desired behaviours themselves to ensure that its effects trickle down to the operational level.
The new desired operating environment should be institutionalised by providing structural changes, which are swift yet simple enough for the employees to understand. There would also be a need to redesign the management process as new constraints and restraints are introduced into the operating environment. The management process redesign should bolster any changes in the operating environment.
It is important to keep employees motivated when they are inflicted with a changing operating environment that produces strain. In order to keep motivation levels high, employees should be recognised and rewarded when displaying the new desired behaviours. Another mechanism for strengthening the wanted behaviours is to provide formal feedback that orients employees in the desired direction.
A change in the overall operating environment is only possible if both individual behaviours and group behaviours experience a significant amount of change. The interaction of individuals in groups to achieve organisational objectives should be given solid emphasis at AAA to inflict group behaviour change. It is also possible to rely on educational interventions at AAA to augment the development of new desired organisational behaviours. A significant catalyst of change is communication that should be stressed on. Moreover, communication should be clear and easily understandable without ambiguous instructions for employees. It also needs to be ensured that communication is two way and is provided due importance by senior management. Finally, in depth individual interventions should be aimed at the senior management. Members of the senior management who do not commit to change in the organisation’s operating environment should be removed so as to reduce inertia to organisational operating environment change (Nadler & Nadler, 1998).
Nadler, D., & Nadler, M. B. (1998). Champions of change: how CEOs and their companies are mastering the skills of radical change. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. Read More
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