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It has an influence on gestures, perceptions, and speech patterns (Earley & Mosakowski, 2004). Business transactions and interactions create platforms for individuals from different cultures to interact at a personal…
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Cultural Intelligence
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Download file to see previous pages The paper analyzes cultural intelligence in relation to cultural experience. It focuses on cultural intelligence development pattern and growth.
Cultural intelligence is made of different components that mark the development of an individual in its application (Earley & Mosakowski, 2004). The components include behavioral, cognitive and motivation. The cognitive part of cultural intelligence entails the use of one’s brain to learn about different cultures. It is all about the experience and knowledge obtained from interacting with different people. Experience is crucial to the development of cultural intelligence because it provides firsthand information that is critical to the application and development of the acquired knowledge. Personally, I understood the importance of cultural intelligence when I had a chance to stay together with Afghanistan soldiers/translators to discuss national security matters. I faltered in some aspects, but the cognitive part of my cultural intelligence helped in facilitating successful interaction with the soldiers.
The best way to develop the cognitive part in a given situation is the development of learning strategies. The learning strategies ensure one learns without jeopardizing the relationship with the group involved in the experience. In retrospect, my learning strategies entailed observation and adaptation. I focused on how the soldiers related with each other and the other foreigners. The observation yielded information that could help in comprehending the most important practices among the Afghan people. It was an opportunity to assess their attitudes toward different aspects (Boonghee, Donthu, & Lenartowicz, 2011). It became to retain the information because I could compare it to the practices in the Western culture.
Self-awareness and knowledge played a cultural experience with the soldiers. Self-awareness made it possible for me to focus on how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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