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Demonstrate how you would plan the development of a corporate communications strategy - Assignment Example

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The development of corporate communication strategy for a company relies heavily on the nature of the company, the goods or the services that are offered by the company, the present situation or the current state of the company, the stakeholders that are involved, financial and…
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Demonstrate how you would plan the development of a corporate communications strategy
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Extract of sample "Demonstrate how you would plan the development of a corporate communications strategy"

Development of a corporate communications strategy Background The development of corporate communication strategy for a company relies heavily on thenature of the company, the goods or the services that are offered by the company, the present situation or the current state of the company, the stakeholders that are involved, financial and economic perspectives and the message that the company wants to deliver to the outside world (Cornelissen, 2014). It is important to note that the corporate communication strategy of company must not be rigid; it needs to be flexible, and well acquainted to the changing trends of the market (Kohut & Segars, 1992). Further, the main purpose of devising a corporate communication strategy is to deliver the company’s message to internal and the external audience (Steyn, 2000).
Prior to defining the objectives of the company’s corporate communication strategy, it is essential to critically analyse the company’s profile and current organizational achievements. For this purpose SWOT analysis may be performed, to understand company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and the future targets of the company. Moreover, a PEST analysis must also be performed to grab an overview of the environment in which the company plans to survive and succeed (Cornelissen, 2014).
The first and the foremost objective of the communication strategy is to devise a message that it wants to deliver to its audience. The audience is divided into two groups that are internal audience and the external audience.
Streamlining the channels that will be used for spreading the information, such as conference calls, webinars, social media, webpages, blogs, and most importantly advertisements.
Ensuring the reach of information to all the employees and the stakeholders of the company.
To develop a conductive environment for learning that ease out intra-organizational communication.
Ensuring that the corporate communication strategy of the company is aligned with functional strategy of the company.
Exploiting maximum out of the available opportunities, by building on the company’s strength.
Maximising the efficiency of the customer care services.
The sole purpose of devising a corporate communication strategy for a company is to pave the way for the flow of information. As suggested earlier, there are two groups of audiences that are dealt by the company, and they are the internal audience and the external audience (Steyn, 2004). The internal audience include employees, investors, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders. The external audience include governmental and nongovernmental organisations, general public, and other private companies. Communication with the internal audience is carried out at two steps (Steyn, 2012). The first step is of informing and developing knowledge and skills among the members of the organisation. The second step includes convincing the investors, bargaining with the suppliers, and satisfying the stakeholders of the company. For this purpose, one could suggest regular surveys at an organizational level, and periodical reports of the company’s performance over six or twelve months. Further, the company may acquire the help of business consultants to evaluate its performance. Meanwhile, the external audience require something more than the statistics or facts. Therefore, the company needs to utilize all the channels of marketing and advertisements in order to attract the customers, but in doing that they must assure high quality of products and services. Communication with other organizations at governmental and nongovernment scale require development of reports, and other documents that ensure legal practice in accordance with the defined regulatory protocols. Thus, a company must ensure a sound corporate communication strategy through devising proper measures, and checks and balances, in order to survive in the market that does not offer any margin for error.
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