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The study sought to investigate the extent to which corporate culture can influence the formulation of strategy through analysing the Case Study of Xerox Corporation. The theoretical framework of the study mainly drew from published literature pertaining to the concept of…
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Corporate World: Strategy and Culture, Time and Space
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Download file to see previous pages on.It can be noted that Xerox is ranked among the top companies in America by virtue of its ability to manage diversity in people from various backgrounds with diverse cultures. It has also been discovered that inclusivity is another form of success of the organisation. It has been recommended that further research should be conducted with regards to how time and space can influence the culture of an organisation so as to ascertain the exact interests of the stakeholders of an organisation since the technological innovations are bringing about sweeping changes on almost all facets of business.
As corporations go about their business, they create the world in which they co-exist with people from different cultural backgrounds. These corporations actively create an entire geography appropriate to their needs and their understanding about how the world works. More importantly, firms need to create this geography not merely as а by-product of their productive and competitive activities, but as part of their usual operational and strategic work as part of the work of surviving and creating а profit in а capitalist economy.
It is widely known that corporations do not have free rein to design any societal and economic landscape of their choice. They must deal with the legacy of history and with other individuals, societal groups, and institutional agents. One might paraphrase Marx to suggest that firms make their own historical geography, but not in circumstances of their own choosing. Thus, in this study, the researcher wants to focus on how the world views this very particular societal agent, the corporation and what happens when it needs to change its world. The researcher also wants to focus on one set of relationships that the firm has with the “outside world” and how it relates to others of its type – the corporations against which it competes. Accordingly, the emphasis here will be on competitive strategy and not so much on production processes. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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