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Electricity and Water Costs Reduction for Webstar Food Industries - Case Study Example

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The present case study "Electricity and Water Costs Reduction for Webstar Food Industries" deals with the Webster food industries in need of a reduction in the electricity and water bills. Reportedly, the electricity and water bills have gone up since the financial year began. …
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Electricity and Water Costs Reduction for Webstar Food Industries
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Extract of sample "Electricity and Water Costs Reduction for Webstar Food Industries"

Download file to see previous pages Electricity and water bills are major costs in companies and creating awareness by seminars and reminding them through notifications in the affected areas will reduce the costs.
Giving employees the responsibility of reminding their fellow colleges to do the small things like not leave the water running and to switch equipment is and lights off whenever they leave a room will lead to the division of responsibility, which will lead to a growth of positive response towards change.
In order for the reduction of electricity and water costs to work, we need to start with a seminar for our employees to educate them on a better way to use the water and electricity in our company to reduce costs and improve profits. We can start by setting dates in which the seminars will be implemented and getting a well-known spokesperson to educate our employees on better ways of usage of the company’s resources ( Bloomsbury information ltd 2009).
Typing notification in the bathroom sinks reminding employees not to leave the water running after use, employing a supervisor to help remind the employees handling electric equipment not to leave them on because not only does it increase the electricity costs but it also imposes a risk for the employees by increasing the number of accidents (Stewart 2004).
Developing a working guide and distributing them to the employees guiding them on better usage of the company’s resources, not only does it guide the employees on how to save costs it also acts as a reference for their work thus increasing the production.
Introducing the allocation of costs to determine which department uses a lot of electricity and water and establishing ways to reduce the usage in those departments. Reducing services that are not required that use unnecessary electricity and water that increases the cost.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Electricity and Water Costs Reduction for Webstar Food Industries Case Study.
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