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Corporate Environmental and Social Management - Essay Example

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During the era of World War II, the use of harmful chemicals like phosgene, mustard gas, lewisite and many other types of explosives started polluting the…
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Corporate Environmental and Social Management
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Extract of sample "Corporate Environmental and Social Management"

Download file to see previous pages Over time such problems gave rise to the growing consciousness of environmental protection and preservation. Business firms, governments and general public in the world started to seek for activities that are sustainable towards the environment. However, it was noted that the private and public authorities in the developed nations like U.S., U.K. and Japan were much more aware about the worth and importance of environmental protection that the individuals of the underdeveloped or developing nations like China, Pakistan and India.
The level of literacy in the developed economies on average is more than 90%, on contrast to this figure approximately 40% of the individuals in the developing economies, are literate (Tantawi, 2009). Literate individuals in the developed countries understand the requirement of protecting the ecological balance in the globe in a much better manner compared to the illiterate individuals of the developing nations.
The government authorities in the developing nations allocate maximum finance and awareness in activities directing towards economic growth. They are less concerned about the environment elated matters in contrast to the government authorities in developed nations. Like in all the Five Year Plans introduced by the government of India, very less importance is provided to matters relating to protection and preservation of environment (Vezzoli and Manzini, 2008).
The population strength in the developed nations is lower compared to the developing countries. Excessive population pressure in the developing nations like China and India often degrades the quality of environment. This is because higher population generates large amount of water, air, thermal and noise pollution across these nations. On the other hand, the countries like Scotland, Switzerland and Finland are nations with low population ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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