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Communication or Improve Your Listening - Essay Example

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The essay "Communication or Improve Your Listening" states that listening is an important element of effective communication as it influences encoding. It, however, faces many barriers, some of which are common in me and forms the basis of this discussion…
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Communication or Improve Your Listening
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Extract of sample "Communication or Improve Your Listening"

This has had adverse effects on my studies by forcing me to study harder in order to understand concepts that I fail to grasp during lectures or discussions. Attempts to shift focus from myself and my personal concerns are, however, a strategy to overcoming the barrier because shifting focus from self is likely to reduce the effects of my concerns on my concentration through establishing psychological stability. An effort to concentrating on a message in communication is another strategy to overcoming the barrier and is likely to increase the amount of information that I capture (Beebe, Steven & Beebe Susan, 2011).
A poor attitude is another barrier to my listening. I am often critical during communication and am quick to identify possible mistakes in a speaker’s presentations. I am equally judgmental over a speaker’s physical appearance and a negative attitude shifts my attention from a speaker and associated message. Focusing on message content, rather than its structure and the speaker, is the possible strategy to overcoming the barrier because it can reduce my criticism and improve my ability to capture information in communication by focusing on message details (Beebe, Steven & Beebe Susan, 2011). Read More
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Communication or Improve Your Listening Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 310 words. Retrieved from
(Communication or Improve Your Listening Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 310 Words)
Communication or Improve Your Listening Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 310 Words.
“Communication or Improve Your Listening Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 310 Words”, n.d.
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