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According to Sonsino & Sirota (2003), strategic processing styles can be described as an end result of the possible decisions which individuals have to take in their life. Such strategies and patterns not only help in the decision making but also help to communicate with fellow…
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COMMUNICATION AND DECISION MAKING Strategic Processing Styles: LP = Logical Processor HA = Hypothetical Analyzer Strategic Pattern: Conservator According to Sonsino & Sirota (2003), strategic processing styles can be described as an end result of the possible decisions which individuals have to take in their life. Such strategies and patterns not only help in the decision making but also help to communicate with fellow humans on a daily basis. Due to such reasons, these styles help in elaborating the behavioral aspect of an individual and in making the final decision for the team. Such aspects help in developing several important aspects in a human being’s life and in determining the behavioral aspect of a human being in the long term.
In my personal scenario, the 2 highly defined strategic aspects are logical processor and hypothetical analyzer. From a broad perspective, logical processor has an innate ability to critically analyze the situation with the prescribed rules and regulations and help in providing a detailed and a vivid result. To me, this strategy helps to make myself stable as it helps me to assure that the relevant information required has been processed efficiently and effectively. As an individual, it gives me the ability view my problems with the optimum level of care and also helps to consider certain important factors which are involved before moving on to a conclusion. Such technical aspects help me to find the core aspect of problem-solving in a highly interesting and intriguing manner.
Being a logical processor helps me to keep a relevant track record of my work and helps me in being highly organized, specifically because this approach is highly methodical. This approach is highly pragmatic as it goes to the core of the problem and offers various alternatives. My Strategic style directly coincides with the conservator strategic pattern. By closely analyzing my traits and attributes, my communication and decision making strategy may work differently depending on the specific situation. In such a scenario, the ability to communicate would certainly vary and it depends on whether the attributes of logic and sensitivity have been used. Being a Conservator helps me in attempting the optimum solutions in a specified structure. Such method is suitable for situations where there is very low margin for error. This style is suitable for me because it is directly characterized by having a strong adherence for procedural and innovative techniques (Visser, 1999).
It is evident that decision making can be defined as a process which needs consistent and adequate level of planning for achievement of desired results. Planning helps to ease and mitigate any potential problem or adverse scenarios. Being a logical processor helps me to be well organized from every aspect and makes me a productive individual. The dual aspect of reasoning along with adequate planning helps me to improve upon my decision making and improves my communication skill. As a hypothetical analyzer, I have to be rational because individually I have to consider all potential alternatives before any decision has been made. Such crucial factors not only help an individual to communicate effectively but also help in the decision making and planning aspect.
Sonsino, D., & Sirota, J. (2003). Strategic pattern recognition—experimental evidence. Games and Economic Behavior, 44(2), 390-411.
Visser, E. (1999). Strategic pattern matching. In Rewriting Techniques and Applications (pp. 30-44). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Read More
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