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Family Nurse Practitioners at the University of Phoenix - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay aims to achieve an opportunity to study Family Nurse Practitioners at the University of Phoenix. The demands for Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) has increased. FNP has the skill set to fulfill different health care needs of a family…
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Family Nurse Practitioners at the University of Phoenix
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"Family Nurse Practitioners at the University of Phoenix"

Download file to see previous pages Additional to providing the service in the conventional settings like office, clinic, and emergency care center, FNP can also help the families in the variety of settings like school, home, workplace, hospital etc. All these challenging aspects of the FNP’s job have attracted me towards the profession. It won’t be wrong if I say that I have a natural flair for this profession.
I was fortunate to grow up in a multicultural environment. It has made me fluent in the second language, which has proven be a great asset in my professional life. My enthusiasm and excellent communication skills have given me an ability to carry out my responsibilities smoothly even under strong pressures of meeting difficult deadlines. An opportunity to study professional degree course of MSN/FNP at the University Of Phoenix will enhance my communication and decision-making skills multifold and will help me become a complete professional. Being a thorough professional will help me achieve my future goal of helping underprivileged families and individuals who lack health insurance. Hence, by getting a masters degree in Oncology Nursing, I will be able to achieve personal growth and job satisfaction.
I have a strong combination of ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’ of FNP practice. My experience of working in a local county hospital and serving vulnerable and underprivileged patients has given me great satisfaction. I feel that there is a strong need to educate people on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to manage their diseases and to prevent future health problems. This not only will reduce the health problems of individuals but will also help in saving the community and national health budget. I am confident that with my abilities as FNP, I can help patients in curing their diseases as well as preventing their future health problems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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