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In these processes, there is no way that is regarded to be the right or wrong process. It all depends on the strengths and vulnerabilities that the processes possess. These strengths…
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Download file to see previous pages Reactive stimulator practices the act of favouritism on the action-oriented style. The action in hand needs an immediate response so that a solution is immediately. They aim is at dealing with matters at that specific time. They never wait for the future or any other time. The target for the result is now. On the other hand, logical processor is logical, methodical and not easily distracted. The logical processor follows up details of the event that comes with logical arguments and outcomes. They are in a better manner, systematic manner and they are motivated depending on the reasoning of the information provided. The hypothetical analyser is like a problem solver. The hypothetical analyser is complex and at all times, it will consider all the available alternatives. The experience of solving difficult problems is their joy. Lastly, relational innovator is the idea generator. They are capable of relating divergent issues and integrate them into coherent theories and systems.
My chosen styles that keep describing me are the reactive stimulator and the logical processor. This is because I am an action oriented. I always opt at making decisions on the incidences available. It helps a lot to make fast and vast decisions that help at work. Reactive stimulator enables me in making an immediate response to the situation at hand. Additionally, the logical processor enables in arranging ideas in a logical and methodical manner. Efficiency and quality of the decision made greatly improves (Fisher, 1980, 333).
My top strategic processing styles give the chance of owning the performer as my strategic pattern. In the performer pattern, there is the existence of dualism in that dual styles of the action oriented RS and the process-oriented LP. The two strategic processing styles, the RS and LP, own the character of strong action orientation. The idea of RS and LP being action oriented brings out the difference ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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