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Safety Culture and how this overlap between Culture and Safety Affect the Project In KSA CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY - Essay Example

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Saudi Arabia is without doubt one of the most rapidly growing nations in the Middle East and this exponential growth is engendered in the many projects underway in the construction industry. However, Bubshait & Al-Juwairah (2002) lamented that the whole level of construction…
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Safety Culture and how this overlap between Culture and Safety Affect the Project In KSA CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY
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Extract of sample "Safety Culture and how this overlap between Culture and Safety Affect the Project In KSA CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY"

Download file to see previous pages However, it is important to know that solution to this existing problem does not end with just having policies on health and safety in place. This is because Stank, Daugherty and Gustin (2004) made mention of a number of safety policies that exists in the construction industry, which have not been adhered to adequately by field supervisors and site managers.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and The Health Standards 1926 and 1910 are mentioned as examples of existing health and safety policies that have easily been overlooked by the construction industry. In an independent study, Symons (2005) noted that there are several site managers and supervisors who refuse to adhere to health and safety policies because they hold the opinion that the solution to increasing cases of accidents and injuries at the sites is not in documented policies. To most of these supervisors and managers, the need for field based practical interventions that address specific problems at the site should be the way forward. But as rates of injuries and accidents have been said to go up by up to 23% in the last decay, there is evidence that the field based interventions are not working well (Stank, Daugherty and Gustin, 2004). This calls for the need to revisit the use of documented policies that can be factored into the overall safety cultures of the companies.
According to Williamsen (2013), safety culture provides the project leader with the courage to follow through all the decisions that he has made because without it, his decisions will most likely not be taken seriously by his subordinates, and will, in fact, become meaningless. This means that the call to have documented safety policies will be a way to establishing and implementing safety culture because it will ensure that safety practices are followed in more specific means than in arbitrary ways. This means that in the Saudi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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