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Individual report 2 - Essay Example

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This also looked at technologies that assist in developing decision-making process of an organization like the Decision Support System (DSS). The part…
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Individual report 2
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Extract of sample "Individual report 2"

Report al Affiliation) Question one The report was primarily based on understanding the decision-making process executed in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). This also looked at technologies that assist in developing decision-making process of an organization like the Decision Support System (DSS). The part that I worked on in this report was on the company description which included the company summary, the core activities of the company, its products and services, and the management structure. Another area that I worked on was on the decision making process.
Information on the company description was retrieved mainly from the company’s website (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, 2010). This site has vast information about the company. The challenges that were experienced in the process of collecting information about the company was separating relevant information from irrelevant information. This is mainly because of the amount of information which is accessible in this site. Because of the amount of information, I experienced challenges in time management. This is because I found myself taking most of the time looking at the amount of information instead of starting the project. In the future projects, I would improve on the time management issue by developing and following strictly a personal timetable. I would also try to read severally the requirements of the project in order to ease my ability locate key points for the project. Time management would also help save time that can be useful in case of any unexpected delays.
The general information about the decision making process that mainly looked at the decision making process was retrieved from published books. Although the information on this section is straight forward from the published books, it was crucial to read a huge amount of information and write the section in my own opinion while avoiding using direct quotes (Lunenburg, 2010). This was crucial so as to relate the theoretical part of the paper and the topic being discussed. In future research that I will work on, I will gather all the information in time in order to have enough time to look at all the document. In normal cases, just like any other student, I assumed that there is plenty of time to complete the project. Even though there is enough amount of time provided by the lecturers, there is always the tendency of postponing the assignment until the last minute because of other engagements in the university. In order to make improvements, it is crucial to develop a personal time table indicating the timeliness of completing a section in the project. This will make sure that ample time is given to the project. This will also help in balancing all the other classes in my course work
Question 2
a) What did you learn from the course?
This course has helped me learn management that is crucial in any sector. This project in particular has helped me to learn the decision making process in an organization. I have been able to gain knowledge of what to expect in a work environment.
b) Was this course beneficial to you? Why or why not?
This course has been very beneficial to me because I have gained immense knowledge that I will apply in the job field.
c) What are the things that you think you can apply that you learned in the course? Provide example if possible
I found the topic on decision making interesting because the decision made in an organization normally determine the success of the organization. It is for this reason that I will apply the decision making process in reality. For example, when in a big company, the process of decision making that involves; defining the problem, Establishing decision group, and Collecting.
d) Any other thoughts that you would like share?
There is no other thoughts

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, No Date. Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure. ADNOC & Its Group of Companies. [Online] Available at:,property=pdf,bereich=sdi,sprache=en,rwb=true.pdf [Accessed May 14, 2014].

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, 2010. Developing Our Natural Resources Responsibly. Membership. [Online] Available at: [Accessed May 14, 2014].
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Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, 2014. Products & Services. Home. [Online] Available at: [Accessed May 14, 2014].
Lunenburg, F. C., 2010. The Decision Making Process. National Forum of Educational Administration and Supervision Journal, Vol. 27, No. 4, pp. 1-12. Read More
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Individual Report 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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